About Me

A Filipina, a hands on mom who still manages to keep in touch with people who matters most to her life, amidst the distance.

I'd been a working Mom all my life. From the time I graduated from university until now, I never stopped working. But I'm happy to say that I was able to manage my career and family life with ease. Being a hands on Mom, I always make sure that I'm able to deliver all the needs of my children whether be financially, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually.

I discovered blogging quite late and I just started with it last October 2010. At first, I don't have any idea about this thing. I stumbled upon some blogs of Filipinas here in Cambodia where I am currently based. I've developed an interest and curiosity while reading their blogs and since I also have a passion for writing, I told myself that maybe I should give it a try.

Thus, this blog was born. At first, I was having a hard time choosing a particular niche. I just thought of having a blog to serve as a venue for sharing my thoughts, feelings and ideas. It's more of a hobby and an outlet to share my life's adventures and experiences as an expat, and of course, as a Mom. I also thought of blogging as the best way to keep me busy. I'm thinking that if my schedule will be occupied, I would have less time to think and be homesick. Also, this would serve as my online diary where my family can keep track of how's my life is going on here in the "Kingdom of Wonders" :)

I choose "Life's Tips And Tricks" as the title for my blog because I would be sharing here my ideas, experiences, feelings, and the joys and thrills of being a woman, a friend, a Mom, a colleague, and an expat.

Thank you for visiting! :)

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