Monday, June 5, 2017

Using the Internet For Guided Meditation

A lot of people understand the benefits of meditation but can’t find the time to actually meditate. Guided meditation is a helpful way to insure that time is put aside for this need for mindfulness but finding the time and place to seek out these groups doesn’t usually fit in a modern hectic schedule of work and home. But thanks to the internet, there are plenty of ways to get the kind of guided meditation one desires.

There has been a lot of studies recently that point to links between a healthy brain and meditation. Psychiatric research into mindful meditation has shown that the positive effects of meditating last long after a session ends. Over the past three decades, psychotherapeutic programs have used mindful meditation practices and have seen tremendous results. Mindful-based interventions have been shown to reduce anxiety disorders, depression, and drug addiction among other conditions like chronic pain and sleep disorders.

The Importance of Mindful Meditation

Learning to live in the moment, to recognize that all thoughts are fleeting, is the key concept to mindfulness practice. Besides improving well-being, research now shows that meditation allows a perceptual shift for the individual to recognize events in their world occurring in the present moment and to take a compassionate, eyes wide open look, at the world around them. Meditation is not just about closing your eyes and trying to clear your head. It is about understanding the importance of each breath, that everything is as fleeting as the next intake of air, and that everything can disappear with the next outtake. Being in the present, recognizing that exists right now is the sensations around the individual, and then to take a moment, a pause, to just live in the moment, is the heart of mindfulness. Leave blame and regret in the past. Leave fear and worry in the future. Live in the moment of the space between breaths. That is the importance of mindfulness.

Finding Time to Meditate

Joining a meditation group is a great way to get in time to meditate but finding a steady group that matches an individual’s busy schedule can be complicated. But thanks to the internet, guided meditation groups and lectures have popped up all over the web. From sessions that last just a few minutes to much longer deeper mindfulness lessons, there are tons of sites offering help for the beginning and the full-time practitioner. The key is to find a site, find an instructor that fits your individual needs, and set time aside to find the inner peace and reflection necessary in this hectic, demanding world.

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