Sunday, January 29, 2017

Marcus Turns Four!

We happily celebrated our fur baby Marcus's 4th birthday last January 23. I was really happy every time Marcus celebrates his birthday with us as this only shows how long he has been with us.  We all treat him a part of our family and not just merely a pet. My kids could attest to how spoiled Marcus is in the house.  Sometimes, my daughter would joke to me that I buy more "pasalubong" for Marcus than her.  I know my daughter understands though as Marcus has been my constant companion since I've decided to left my job and just stay home few years ago.  There were times, it's really only me and Marcus at home and Marcus tends to get used with our daily routine.  He is such an adorable baby and I would admit that just a mere look on his face would remove my stress away.  He brings joys into the family and we have learned to love him so dearly.  He is cute, sweet and very smart. Sometimes, I am telling my kids, Marcus can't talk and that's a fact, but communication between the two of us has never been a problem.  He understands me when I talk to him and I also understand what he wants through his body gestures.

I hope that Marcus would continue to stay with us for long long years as he is definitely God's gift to all of us in the family.

Happy Birthday baby. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

How to Rock a Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

Women secretly borrowed the jeans their boyfriends wore for a number of years before manufacturers took notice. Boyfriend jeans sit lower on your stomach but fit more comfortably than jeans designed for women do. Many women also like that these jeans hug their curves. You can now find boyfriend jeans designed just for women that take everything you love about jeans for guys and customizes those designs for females. As these jeans sometimes make you look a little sloppy, you need to know how to really rock a pair and show off your figure.

Get the Right Fit

The point of wearing boyfriend jeans is that you can show off your figure while still feeling comfortable. Far too many women wear jeans that are just a little too big. If the pair slides off your hips, or you feel yourself constantly tugging them up, you need to go down a size or more. The jeans should sit flat on your stomach, hug your buttocks and hips and fall to the knee or just above the knee. Look for a pair that fits right and feels comfortable after a few hours of wear too.

Choose the Right Shoes

One of the best things about boyfriend jeans is that you can wear a pair with almost any type of shoe. A hot trend among women today is the pairing of these jeans with ankle booties. Instead of wearing full boots that will rise up over the hem of your pants, you can rock booties that stop just below the hem. Booties look great with distressed jeans and those with frayed hems. Classic sneakers work equally well, and if you want to make a bold impression, you can pair your jeans with stilettos. 

Add a Great Shirt

In the same way that boyfriend jeans go with so many different types of shoes, the jeans also look great with almost any shirt. You can wear a fitted tee shirt for a more casual look, or you can show off some skin with a shirt that stops just below your natural waist line. Knocker shirts, which are similar to tank tops, look great with these jeans too. These shirts are a little longer and provide more coverage than tank tops do. Complete your look with a hoodie or a classic sweater worn with boyfriend jeans on a cold day.

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