Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Son Was Finally Home

My son went back home to the Philippines earlier than expected.  It was a pleasant surprise though as I am really looking forward to see him and to have him with us for the holidays.  We picked him up from the airport on the 13th of December, just in time for our wedding anniversary the following day. Although his Dad was not here to celebrate this very important day, I was happy enough that my son came home to give me a company on this very special occasion. His sister was having her OJT which is a requirement in school so without my son, probably I was alone that date. :) 

It was a day well spent with him and he gave me a treat on our wedding anniversary ( a good substitute for his Dad) indeed.  We just hang out in his favorite coffee shop and had a simple dinner afterwards with her younger sister.  I have proven once again that a grand celebration is not necessary to be complete.  A good dinner and coffee with people who matters most to you is in itself complete.

I thank God for this opportunity to see my son again in flesh.

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