Thursday, October 27, 2016

Our Buma Hotel Experience At Subic

I was watching an episode of "Home Sweetie Home" at ABS-CBN last Sunday and I was surprised to see that Buma Hotel in Subic was included in their location shoots.  This suddenly reminded me that I am yet to do a review of our Buma Hotel experience.  We stayed in this family-friendly hotel in Olongapo for a quick R&R.   Since we are from Olongapo, going in and out of Subic Bay is as easy and fast as a breeze.  I am just happy that we have this opportunity to live in an area where there is a nearby tourist destination.  I knew for a fact that there are lots of people from Manila and other nearby towns who regularly visit Subic and it's so many attractions.  For now, I am just happy to share with you two weekends spent at Buma Hotel.  Yes, two weekends because this happened on two different dates. 

It was a lazy boring day when my daughter suddenly asked me if we can go for an afternoon swim.  I asked her if she already have a place in mind, of course I was thinking that it would just be inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone since going to Subic town in Zambales won't be a good idea since I am yet to catch up with my night classes.  I don't want my students to miss me that day. :) Well, kidding aside, we've decided to pack our things and leave the house past ten o'çlock in the morning on a Saturday. We decided to have a lunch somewhere around the area as well so we could try other restaurants, too. We did not have anything fancy for lunch as my daughter Mika is in a rush to swim. well, I couldn't blame her as we did not really have much chance to go out the past weeks due to our busy schedule.  

Buma is accepting customers who just want to make use of the pool for a day and they charged Php250 per person which is consumable. So, you can actually swim and have some snacks from their restaurant. Their pool area is just small but it has a good view of the beach.  There are pool attendants around to attend to customer's needs and also to look after their safety and that's a good point.  Staff are attentive and friendly, as well.  I like it that they will not ask you to go to the restaurant to order the foods and eat there, they handed us a menu while at the pool and asked us to order. They have the foods delivered to us as well, so there is no need for you to leave the pool area.

Needless to say, our pool experience was very good, although it rained that afternoon, that did not stop us from swimming, in fact it added up to the fun. :)

On the succeeding weekend, that was on a Sunday, we went back to Buma Hotel again, but this time we did not swim, we were invited by my niece to attend the dedication and first birthday celebration of their son Samuel Marcus.  The event was held on the third floor of the hotel and the negative comment that I would have here is the absence of the elevator.  I was with my eldest sister who has a knee problem and it was very difficult for her to go up using the stairs.  I wonder if there were disabled people invited, so that would stop them from attending the party unless someone is willing to carry them all the way from the ground floor to the third floor.

Aside from that issue, everything was considered to be acceptable.  The facilities of the hotel is good, not exemplary but worth trying.  The foods, I would rate as average, nothing extra ordinary but can suit the taste of not so picky eaters.  The price range of the items in the menu are within the rates offered by hotel restaurants but if you would go for an overnight stay in the hotel or even few days, I think it would be more practical to try the foods on the nearby restaurants which are actually a lot along that area near to the hotel.  That would not only save you a fortune but would let you try variety of foods as well.

Overall, Buma Hotel would still be worth a visit, however I think that there still lots of hotels around Subic that is more complete in terms of facilities and more affordable too.  Although I would say that I did not at all had a bad experience spending two weekends there, it would be a lot better to make a research like going to Trip Advisor to see what previous clients have to say and compare hotels before you decide booking your stay.  After all, we all deserved a happy and comfortable stay away from home.

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