Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Farming and Gardening Support Group

I think I had mentioned here a couple of times that I am now a stay at home Mom and although I have been separated from my corporate job more than 2 years ago, I still enjoy being a freelance worker.  Earning on your own time is really something you could be proud of. I got an early retirement but that's only to free myself from office politics, being productive, earn and save are still part of my plan. I'm no too old after all. :)

While I was browsing online, I saw this farming and gardening enthusiasts support group. It's a closed group so you need to send a request to become a member. I was curious enough so I did request to become a member.  There, I saw people from different parts of the country willingly share their tips and their own experiences as a farmer or a gardener.  Whether you are operating a farm or just tending your own backyard garden, there's a lot of things to learn from other people sharing the same interest. I haven't really gone that far into gardening.  I am just currently hooked into growing ornamental plants, but sooner I might try doing vegetable gardening and this group really inspires me. Imagine growing vegetables on containers and in just a limited space. That's something truly amazing.  You see, I can't wait to embark on this new journey as a vegetable gardener and urban gardening really sounds interesting.

I hope, I would be able to do this soon as I would like to add up to my already hectic schedule.  I want to be productive for life.

I bet you  too! 

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