Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dealing With Sciatic Pains

I had been experiencing some pains at my lower back down to the buttocks and down the back of my right leg.  It's been on and off for almost 3 months now and at times, I already get depressed especially when I had severe pain attacks at night.  It all started when we are having our home improvement projects starting December of last year.  The first Doctor who specializes in rehabilitation medicine whom I have consulted with a month ago told me that my symptoms mostly points to muscle spasms brought about by stress and over fatigue.  He advised me to go a therapy for 2 weeks which I purposely did not complete as I am not satisfied with the way the therapist handled me.  He also prescribed me some medicines which didn't work for me at all.

The pain continues for another month and I do sometimes get a hot stone massage which sometimes gives me a temporary relief.  It was only this week that I've decided to ask for second opinion.  I was greatly disturbed by the pains especially at night and this got me irritated most of the time.  I am a person who loves to work and do something round the clock and I am terribly annoyed with the fact that I can't do everything I want at home.  From the second Doctor whom I checked with, he told me that I might probably be suffering from sciatic pains, had shown me a diagram and explains to me how the pains travels from my lower back down to the buttocks and legs.  He first prescribed me some pain medicines which he assured me to be safer than Naproxen and Ibufropen and some supplements that will help to repair my sciatic nerves.  If these will now work well for me, he said, I have to be back in his clinic for an X-ray and from there, he would see what we could do next.
I am already on my fourth day of medications and so far, I am seeing some positive results.  I don't really know how long this would last but I am crossing my fingers that I can totally get rid of pains even before I finished the medicines I have prescribed with.

Now I am already thinking of what measures I have to take to keep me in shape.  Having this experience had made me even more cautious of my health especially when it comes to my joints and nerves as this definitely affects one's mobility.  

I'll see how far could I get over with the pains with this pain reliever, Trometamol Ketesse and supplement Methycobal.  I hope I do not need to go for that X-ray anymore.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Night of Fun and Music

It's been a month since we had our Videoke night but until now, I still can't get away from the fun and excitement that we had during the night.  It was actually a treat of my son Edmar to his Dad who had celebrated his birthday last 9th of February.  The night was filled with fun and music. We are not a family of singers although my daughter sings well and could play guitar.  That videoke bar is plain and simple but we had loads of fun.  I wouldn't say that the sound system is great, it would had been much better if they had mad professor but since it was our first time as a family to visit a KTV, the quality of the sound system doesn't affect our "happy mood" at all.

It's good that the cost of the room is consumable so we were able to feast with foods and drinks. This has been one of the highlights of hubby and son's home leave and we are very grateful that we can get this opportunity to be complete as a family.

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