Sunday, February 28, 2016

Lucio's 4th Birthday

Time flies so fast! Our baby Lucio has already turned 4 last Feb 26.  This adorable fur baby has already been a part of our daily lives since the first day that we've acquired him.  He maybe naughty at times but he remains to be a darling.  Compared to our other baby (Marcus), he is more "moody" and unpredictable but I admire how he constantly serves as our protective army.  Do you know that nobody could come to the house when he is around?  We have to hide him at times when we expect some visitors coming to the house.  When he is in front of the house, our terrace in particular, he would bark at anyone standing outside the gate or fence.  He really had a strong sense of smell and would always alert us for any noise that he would hear outside the house day or night.  There was a time he was feeling sick but we would still see him ran towards the main door when he suspected that someone is outside.  That's how loyal and protective he is to us.

Now that he is four, we are looking forward to spending more happy years with him.  He is no longer a pet to us, but a family.  For his 4th birthday, I've cooked some noodles and we've also baked some chocolate cup cakes and chocolate chip cookies for our afternoon snacks with him of course (lol).

Happy happy fourth birthday Lucio! We love you!

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