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On Being A Homebody

Since I've resigned from my job almost a couple of years ago, I have more opportunity to stay home now. Do I get bored with this arrangement considering that I'm an active office worker for almost 2 decades?  Well, my answer is a big NO!  I used to go out and hang out with friends before, that I wouldn't deny. Being in the corporate world requires you to establish a good rapport with your colleagues and staff and one way of doing this is to socialize with them and have fun once in a while. But you know what? There is something within me that longs for a quiet and simple life.  I am basically a domesticated person and doing house chores like cooking, baking, home decorating and gardening is something that really excites me. I think not so many people consider hanging around the house to be pretty awesome.  Well, for me it is! :)
One good trait of being a homebody is the ability to make her home a great place to live in.  They do their best to make their homes as beautiful an…