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Gifts For Mika

This is quite a late post but better late than never! :)  I just want to share the fun and excitement that my pretty daughter Mika had experienced opening her birthday presents after her recently concluded debut party.  She received awesome gifts from her friends and relatives and she cannot contain her excitement seeing those for the first time.  We stayed over night in the hotel where her party was held, so we just sent all her gift back home right after the party.  She just had the chance to open the gifts the day after.   
Mika was not the only one excited about her gifts, her kuya Edmar has been asking her to open her gifts right after we arrived home.  Actually gifts are just part of the fun but the most important gift that Mika received is the memory of having shared her 18th birthday to the people who matter most to her.  The gifts that she received range from decorative pieces (which we love since we are committed to have her room renovated come February), accessories, watch, …

What Makes Tomatoes The Super Food?

Tomatoes are versatile as they can be consumed in just any form. You can have this fruit raw, add it to salads, or use it for gravies. This wonder fruit tomato is not just the taste-maker but it can be used for various other reasons too. Many foodies understand that tomato is good only because of taste and color but the fact is quite different. This sour fruit is nutrition packed and can be consumed to meet many of your daily nutrition needs.
While tomatoes are commonly used in almost all dishes, it is significant to know more about its health benefits.
Bottomless health benefits of this super fruit
Loaded with vitamins
The red tangy fruit is loaded with vitamin A and C. These vitamins have vital role to play in your immunity boosting. Your body needs these vitamins to fight against various diseases. Including tomatoes in your daily diet would provide you of these essential vitamins. The folic acid in tomato is also known for overall growth of your body’s defense mechanism.
Tip - Consume i…