Friday, December 25, 2015

Spending Christmas With Our Furry Friends

This is already our second year of spending Christmas with or furry friends at home and as usual same as what we did last year, we included them in our Christmas gift giving.  I bought 3 different set of gifts for Alonzo (Golden Retriever), Lucio (Japanese Spitz and Shih-Tzu cross breed) and Marcus a pure Shih-Tzu.

Actually each one of us in the family has his/her own buddy.  Mine is Marcus (my baby), Lucio is my son Edmar's best buddy and Alonzo, the biggest among the three belongs to my daughter Mika.  Just the same, I love the three of them.  

I bought my baby Marcus a brand new comfy, he really loves it!

See...he loves it, I told you!

For Lucio, I gave him a new blue dish and a pack of dog treats.

And lastly, for Alonzo I gave him a very nice, colorful  but sturdy and durable toy that he could bite to his heart's content.  This Golden Retriever is really playful and the youngest of all.  He would normally bite everything that he sees around the yard, so I want him to have something that he would not mind biting the whole day (lol).

My daughter Mika passing the toy to him. So cute!

Very busy with his new toy!

Needless to say, our furry friends complete our family.  I just have two kids but because of them, I feel like having five (lol).  I would admit that although they annoy me most of the times because of their mess and everything, in the end, I would still say that they are certainly God's gift to us. They don't only protect us and our home but they are also very good and loyal companions.  I couldn't remember how many times I was relieved from stress every time I see them especially the cutest one, Marcus who is really so sweet to me.

Spending Christmas with out furry friends is really a wonderful experience, even hubby who spent Christmas with them for the very first time was so happy and really had a lot of fun.

These furry friends are heaven sent!  

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