Friday, December 4, 2015

Online Christmas Shopping

I am already done with my Christmas shopping and this time, I did all the shopping online.  I only shop for gifts for our traditional exchange gifts which we normally do on Christmas eve.  I have some reasons why I did my shopping online this year, we are very busy with the ongoing projects at home. We have decided to have a house expansion (additional room and terrace) and it's on the second floor of our garage.  Due to the ongoing construction works, we can't simply leave home so going to the malls for shopping is not that convenient for me now.  Besides, I can't resist all the advantages that I get from online shopping.  Aside from the fact that it is so convenient, I can be assured that I would be safe from pick pockets and of course I can have a lot of savings from discount coupons and from all the incidental expenses such as transportation expenses,eat outs and impulse buying which usually happen when you go to the mall.

I could also save on my time coz I normally do my online shopping during my breaks from my online classes.  I was having difficulty thinking of what to buy for my daughter.  She had lots of clothes and personal stuff already.  I am thinking of buying studio Kans for her but I'm still having some deep thoughts about it.  I want to make sure that she will get delighted with my Christmas gift.  Anyway, I still have few days to decide.  The most important thing is that I'm already done choosing for the rest of the family members.

I really love online shopping, it's very convenient, fast and reliable.

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