Friday, December 25, 2015

What Will the Future of Dentistry Look like?

The future of dentistry should be of interest to everyone since a person’s oral health has a close link to their overall health. The technology of dentistry has experienced drastic changes in the past few years. And there is reason to believe that the twenty-first century will have advances that surpass what people imagine is possible.

These changes are due in part to the biological and digital information revolutions that are drastically changing the medical and pharmaceutical world. Dentists are no longer concerned with simply repairing damage that is done to a person’s teeth. Instead, they are helping their patients see how improving their overall health, managing dental risk, and preventing a dental disease can have a positive impact on their teeth.

Other changes that are affecting the future of dentistry are advances in therapeutics, biomaterials, and bioengineering. This means that the future of clinical dentistry will include things like orthodontists having the ability to grow real teeth to replace the ones that their patients have lost. Prescription medicine will be tailored not to only to the ailment that a patient has, but it will also match their genetic code. Steps will be taken to protect infants from future tooth decay even before the first tooth breaks through their gums.

Something like growing a new tooth seems miraculous. This is because of the complexity of a tooth. It has enamel, dentin and cementum. The human tooth is remarkably strong while at the same time fragile. 

As researchers learn more about the microbial genomes that make up the tooth, they are also learning how to manipulate and fabricate them. There has been growth in the digital dentistry industry. Computer-assisted radiography and nanotechnology is being experimented with to manipulate teeth on the atomic level. As these technologies grow, they will influence the way that future dentists work. An understanding of these new technologies will not be limited to medical professionals. As these technologies branch out and become a part of everyday life, the public will have a more sophisticated understanding of how they work and will become more accepting of their use in both the prevention and treatment of dental issues.

Dentists are working now to develop future oral health care models that will improve the oral health of all people. This new approach to care, as well as an improvement in the oral health education of the population, will lead to future revolutions in dental health.

Spending Christmas With Our Furry Friends

This is already our second year of spending Christmas with or furry friends at home and as usual same as what we did last year, we included them in our Christmas gift giving.  I bought 3 different set of gifts for Alonzo (Golden Retriever), Lucio (Japanese Spitz and Shih-Tzu cross breed) and Marcus a pure Shih-Tzu.

Actually each one of us in the family has his/her own buddy.  Mine is Marcus (my baby), Lucio is my son Edmar's best buddy and Alonzo, the biggest among the three belongs to my daughter Mika.  Just the same, I love the three of them.  

I bought my baby Marcus a brand new comfy, he really loves it!

See...he loves it, I told you!

For Lucio, I gave him a new blue dish and a pack of dog treats.

And lastly, for Alonzo I gave him a very nice, colorful  but sturdy and durable toy that he could bite to his heart's content.  This Golden Retriever is really playful and the youngest of all.  He would normally bite everything that he sees around the yard, so I want him to have something that he would not mind biting the whole day (lol).

My daughter Mika passing the toy to him. So cute!

Very busy with his new toy!

Needless to say, our furry friends complete our family.  I just have two kids but because of them, I feel like having five (lol).  I would admit that although they annoy me most of the times because of their mess and everything, in the end, I would still say that they are certainly God's gift to us. They don't only protect us and our home but they are also very good and loyal companions.  I couldn't remember how many times I was relieved from stress every time I see them especially the cutest one, Marcus who is really so sweet to me.

Spending Christmas with out furry friends is really a wonderful experience, even hubby who spent Christmas with them for the very first time was so happy and really had a lot of fun.

These furry friends are heaven sent!  

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Trends to Look for in the New Year

Your home decor is a reflection of you--the things you like, the things that best express your personality. Decor in your home can also be a great way to follow trends in upholstery, lighting, flooring and more. If you want your house to stay on trend in the coming year, here are a few home trends you should watch out for in your local and online decor stores. 

Shades of Blue
One of the hottest decor colors now is blue. There are so many shades of blue that you can choose from for your walls or flooring, but some of the most popular shades for the new year include the deeper blues such as navy and indigo. If you are using this dark colors for your walls, you can create a dramatic contrast with white flooring and furniture, or even lighter shades of blue. 

Extra Texture
Another hot home trend emerging is more texture to the materials used for flooring and upholstery. A really bold look in house decor now is faux fur. You can use this is a variety of ways. If you want to start small, you can use faux fur accent pillows or throws to cuddle up with on the sofa. If you want to make a more dramatic statement, chairs covered in faux fur are also selling well. 

Along with faux fur, natural fiber rugs are also being used in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms to add an earthy texture to a room. of course, these go well with more natural accents such as wood furniture and flooring, clay decor items and subtle color schemes such as green and brown. 

Pink Power
In decor, the color for the upcoming year is pink. While some may be turned off by decorating with a bold color like pink, it can be brought in through a variety of different decor items without being overpowering or too feminine. If you want to have a single statement piece, you can use a chair or accent rug in a bright pink color. Subtle pinks are great for rooms with an overall dark tone, such as a deep brown or navy wall color. The best pink accents to use while still keeping the room relatively neutral is a pearlized pink color because they can look more white or beige, depending on the lighting in the room.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Online Christmas Shopping Through lazada

This is not a sponsored post, I just want to share my experience doing online Christmas shopping at Lazada.  This year, since we are very busy now with all our home improvement projects, I've decided to shop online for my Christmas gifts.  We do have our traditional exchange gifts every year and this is only what I shop through Lazada.  I never bought anything for myself as I feel like there is no need to do that at the moment as I still basically have everything in my closet.

As compared to shopping at the malls, online shopping is hassle free.  You don't need to fall in line and wait for so long especially during sale season where the crowd in the mall is really unexpected. Also, I could free myself from the possibility of being scammed. Pick pockets are everywhere especially during the holidays so doing your shopping while in the comforts of your own home is the safest thing to do.  Transaction at Lazada is really fast and easy, not to mention that it is so secure. You can opt to pay cash on delivery so you don't need to face the risk of using your credit cards online.  What more, I was able to get huge discounts from the vouchers that are being sent to me through email.

As of November to December, I already bought about 9 items through Lazada and I never had any huge problem with any item I bought.  Now, I have all the items in my hand and ready to be gift wrapped. I got few steal from their online sale which I just don't want to mention here yet since these items will be given as gifts. :)

As of now, I am still planning to buy 3 more items to complete my Christmas shopping.

What a great way to celebrate Christmas!  Thanks Lazada!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Online Christmas Shopping

I am already done with my Christmas shopping and this time, I did all the shopping online.  I only shop for gifts for our traditional exchange gifts which we normally do on Christmas eve.  I have some reasons why I did my shopping online this year, we are very busy with the ongoing projects at home. We have decided to have a house expansion (additional room and terrace) and it's on the second floor of our garage.  Due to the ongoing construction works, we can't simply leave home so going to the malls for shopping is not that convenient for me now.  Besides, I can't resist all the advantages that I get from online shopping.  Aside from the fact that it is so convenient, I can be assured that I would be safe from pick pockets and of course I can have a lot of savings from discount coupons and from all the incidental expenses such as transportation expenses,eat outs and impulse buying which usually happen when you go to the mall.

I could also save on my time coz I normally do my online shopping during my breaks from my online classes.  I was having difficulty thinking of what to buy for my daughter.  She had lots of clothes and personal stuff already.  I am thinking of buying studio Kans for her but I'm still having some deep thoughts about it.  I want to make sure that she will get delighted with my Christmas gift.  Anyway, I still have few days to decide.  The most important thing is that I'm already done choosing for the rest of the family members.

I really love online shopping, it's very convenient, fast and reliable.

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