Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dealing With Skin Allergy

My daughter and I decided to do some general cleaning around the house last October and that includes our backyard.  We get rid of the grasses and trim the plants.  It's been a while since we've last cleaned the yard and after more than an hour, I've decided that we really need to hire someone to do it.  It's really a tedious job and I have a pile of other works to do so we eventually stopped and contacted someone to do the job for us.  I always want the yard tidy and neat.  I don't want to see mice, mosquitoes and other insects around the yard which can spread some disease so it's been a practice to clean the yard regularly.  If we can't afford to do it ourselves, I always hire someone to do it for us.  Unfortunately that night, after I took shower, I've noticed that I my arms are itchy and when I checked my arms, I've found skin rashes.

At first, I just see some red spots but these gradually developed into dark spots and really itchy. I did self medication, I took meds (Celesthamine) just had it once a day for few days, then I used Sulfur soap in my arms whenever I take shower.  I also apply the creme "katialis".  This cream is cheap but it really removes the itchiness, very effective.  The only problem with "katialis" is that after applying it for several days, my skin appeared to be so dry and looked like I have undergone minor burns. Applying skin lotion won't help. Finally, hubby asked me to apply Vaseline's Petroleum Jelly and to my surprise, after one application, I saw immediate improvements.  Red spots gradually disappeared and my skin is almost back to normal now.

I will continue applying this until my skin fully recovered and get back to normal.

Sometimes, home medication works.  We just have to be careful and do a lot of research.

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