Friday, October 2, 2015

Marcus Cupkeyks On It's 3rd Year

I take pride in my passions and I strongly believe that doing what you love is not work but fun. This is why me and my son have decided to venture into a cup cake business.  We both have a passion for baking and my son's passion for arts was also transformed in this little business of ours. We make customized cup cakes, simple party cup cakes and anything that our customers would request. At first, we are not sure whether we could make it and whether we could get customers to patronize our products but we just told ourselves that we are not more into making it big actually, bust just to be able to do what we love.  I am actually the one who loves to bake but since my son is a "little me", he would certainly try what I love to do. :)

We began creating our own designs:

customized fondant cup cakes

We also came up with regular cup cakes for parties and we're truly delighted with a very good response from our loyal customers.

We also begin to offer party give away cup cakes as requested by clients.

And we didn't stop from there, we continue to develop new flavors and designs.

Introducing our Toblerone and Kit Kat cup cakes:

We also came up with a new design for special holidays like Christmas and Valentine's Day:

Indeed, we had traveled quite a long journey in this cup cake business and we also take pride and derive great pleasure for doing what we truly enjoy and love.  I just hope that we can continue to explore the business and my passion.  I would admit, there are still a lot of things to learn and to improve but that's what make everything fun and exciting.

Lastly, the name Marcus Cupkeyks was derived from the name of my shih-tzu pet Marcus whom we love so dearly.

More years to come and celebrate! :)

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