Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How To Run An Organized Household

I was asked a number of times on how I manage to run an organized household with tons of activities and side duties I'm having.  I can't explain everything in detail and would normally respond in the simplest way I can, so I decided to write this post to share how I manage to be a busy Mom and yet organized.  

The basic thing that you have to master in running an organized household is time management. I am a great fan of organization and wants everything in it's proper place. Cleaning and organizing is every Mom's job but what about if you still have tons of things to do aside from these two?  I used to have a house helper before and probably, this was a great help to me during the years that I was still active in the corporate world.  Now that we are on our own, doing all the household chores while managing the family's finances and having part time jobs is indeed a challenge for me.  Good thing that my son and daughter are both old enough to help around the house.

Let's look at these tips:

1.)  Make A Rule

It is quite tough to run an organized household, it is very important that everyone in the house is following a set of rules.  My basic rule in the house is that, "if you can't help me clean the house and keep it free from clutter, I would do it myself  but you have to help me keep it that way." In short, if you can't clean, then don't mess up! :)

2.)  Collaborative Household Works

Sharing with the household chores for me is an effective parental education tool. Collaboration works in every one's favor.  We had a house helper from the very beginning, since my kids were born and due to the fact that me and hubby are both working, we don't have any other choice but to employ a house helper. Although my Mom used to live with me when she was alive, I didn't want to burden her with house works.  I simply want her to rest and enjoy life while supervising our helper. However, aside from trying to cut on the expenses after I resigned from my work abroad, I also took the opportunity to train my kids in different house chores.  I know for a fact that it wouldn't be good for them not to learn these things especially when they begin to build families of their own. Besides, collaborative household works will make things a lot easier for me as a busy Mom.

3.)  Make A Schedule And Prioritize Tasks

In the beginning stage where you are trying to set a fixed schedule, it can be beneficial if you will come up with your ""to do list".  Planning ahead of time is very important for you to set your tasks in order of priority.  You can do your tasks according to the list and could always cross out the last items in the list if your time can't really allow you to do everything.  At the end of the day, you won't feel stressed out because you've managed to complete the more important tasks.

4.)  Get Things Done And Still Have Time For Yourself

Train your family that you too deserve a time for yourself.  Make them realize that you are human and not a machine and you deserve some time off for yourself. You can use this "free time" to watch your favorite TV program, read a good book, go for a rewarding coffee break or just simply play with your pets. Everybody deserves a break and no one can't do her work more effectively if she's totally burn out.  To achieve this, you can do multi tasking and time yourself so you could get things done on time and still have remaining time for yourself.

5.)  Get Away from Distractions

I may sound rude, but do you know that I used to tell my relatives to inform me ahead of time when they want to visit me in the house?  I have this rule that they should tell me when they want to come over and to avoid "ambush" visits.  This is so because I explain to them that I have routine chores in the house and things could pile up if I wouldn't do things as scheduled.  Besides, I have online (part time) jobs and I also need to have a little time for rest in between.  So, I am making known to them what is the perfect time for them to visit me or better yet, we come up with an agreed schedule.  This also allows me to plan on what would I prepare for them for snack or dinner.  I hate it when visitors come and they would arrive in a messy home and I could not offer any appropriate meal for us to partake.  More so, I also feel upset when I am unable to do things accordingly especially the more important ones.  Of course, it's different when it is an emergency situation where I have to cancel everything and attend to to an emergency. This seldom happens anyway. :)  Also, if you could avoid social networking sites during your "busy time", it would help a lot for you to beat your deadline.

A busy Mom doesn't have to be crazy or insane to do everything and please everyone. You can run an organized household, have a side job, have bonding moments with your family members and most especially, to have time for yourself and recharged.

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