Thursday, August 27, 2015

Foods As Medicine

When I started to get addicted with books, I get to know a lot of things that interest me. It's true that reading books will lead you to a lot of information on any subject of your choice. Since, I am most of the time at home now, I begin to be interested exploring in the kitchen and this is where I started to look for some nutritious recipes online.  I began to be interested in a healthy life style.  Seeing my older siblings suffer from various sickness made me think that our health should be our number one priority. What's the use of having lots of money when you don't have the energy to spend it.  What makes it worse is if you will just spend your hard earned money buying medicines and paying hospital bills.

One of my readings led me to this realization on foods as medicines.  According to the author of the book, traditional Chinese medicine therapists believe that each type of food has it's own unique property which perform certain functions and can work on a particular part of the body.  I guess, this is true and if we could get the healing benefits from medicines that are bought from the drug stores, why not in foods?  Getting the required nutrients to cure a particular illness will be better if taken directly from foods.  Now, I became a fan of natural healing.  Caring for the body all boils down to eating the right kinds of foods.  If we know what kind of food is good for certain parts of our body, we are on our way to natural healing method. What we put in the mouth can directly have an effect on our bodies from the inside.  Green foods are good for detoxification process in our body and a good source of calcium and fiber.  On the other hand, sweet potatoes, squash, yellow corns and other yellow fruits and veggies help prevent cancer and heart disease.  Tomatoes, cherries, dates, red beans and other red foods can help treat anemia and other iron deficiency symptoms.  These can also slow down aging in skin as these aid skin renewal process.

Knowing about what foods are good for certain ailments can help us in our fast recovery and for those who do not have any ailment, you are lucky but you also have to do your share in preventing these diseases by taking the right kind and right amount of foods daily.  

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