Monday, May 18, 2015

On Conserving Energy

I don't actually have an idea whether I am consuming low or high on my electric usage.  The only thing I know is that I am consuming less than a number of people I've asked before like my brother, sister and niece.  I get curious on how much they pay for their electric bills and we compare actual usage of appliances at home.  I practically got everything in the house which would make our lives comfortable... washing machine, water heater in the bath room, microwave oven, A/C unit in the bedroom, indoor and outdoor lights, entertainment appliances, computers,ref..etc.  Al these are being used on a regular basis except for the A/C unit which I used on and off year round although I would admit using it on a daily basis during summer.  I'm quite surprised that they are consuming a lot more than me.  Should I congratulate myself? That I am not so sure as I am not yet certain whether I am doing my best when it comes to conserving energy.  

There are actually a number of things which we can do to save on our electric bills and all what it takes is a great amount of discipline.  Like for instance, we should make it a habit to unplug everything that's not in use.  Proper use and care of our electrical appliances is also a great help.  For instance, we have to to know the basics in operating our electrical appliances, things like connecting xlr to rca, using the right kind of extension cords and sockets, installing breakers where necessary to prevent circuit shortage are only few of the things that we have to be aware of.  This way, we are not only saving electrical consumption but we are also preventing the possibility of putting our house on fire. Conserving energy sometimes requires making small sacrifices like getting more familiar with the heat of summer.  We use A/C unit more often during summer but I try to balance it by not using water heater anymore whenever I'm taking shower and taking advantage of the heat of the sun in drying up our clothes instead of using spin dryer.  Sometimes, we all sleep in one room just to maximize the use of air con instead of opening two air con units at the same time.

There are lots of useful tips that we can read online in as far as conserving energy is concerned but even if you don't read a lot, sometimes a plain common sense will dictate us on how we can conserve energy better and on the process, we are not only helping our pockets but the environment, as well.

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