Wednesday, April 22, 2015

On Being A Homebody

Since I've resigned from my job almost a couple of years ago, I have more opportunity to stay home now. Do I get bored with this arrangement considering that I'm an active office worker for almost 2 decades?  Well, my answer is a big NO!  I used to go out and hang out with friends before, that I wouldn't deny. Being in the corporate world requires you to establish a good rapport with your colleagues and staff and one way of doing this is to socialize with them and have fun once in a while. But you know what? There is something within me that longs for a quiet and simple life.  I am basically a domesticated person and doing house chores like cooking, baking, home decorating and gardening is something that really excites me. I think not so many people consider hanging around the house to be pretty awesome.  Well, for me it is! :)

One good trait of being a homebody is the ability to make her home a great place to live in.  They do their best to make their homes as beautiful and as comfortable as ever.  Because of this, I believe it is a wrong notion that homebodies are lazy people.  Because homebodies love to stay home, they would always want their homes to be extra clean and beautiful inside and out. You wouldn't want to spend time at home when it's messy, untidy and disorganized.  Would you?

A lot of people may not understand what kind of joy can a homebody get by just staring at 4 corners of her house, seeing the same things over and over again and more often, they are referred to as "boring people".  Little of them do know that being a homebody means allowing yourself to revel in all the things you love to do at home.  Many activities would only be possible while having your own private space, your own sanctuary where you could have inner peace and privacy.  All this can be found in your own home!

Now, I am even more thankful with technology, because of internet, I am also able to earn from home and there's no other thing more convenient than doing your job in pajamas and loose shirt at your own time and space while having all the extra time doing your passion.  To me, that's something great and special and it is for these things that I wouldn't trade being a homebody.

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