Friday, February 13, 2015

What Makes Tomatoes The Super Food?

Tomatoes are versatile as they can be consumed in just any form. You can have this fruit raw, add it to salads, or use it for gravies. This wonder fruit tomato is not just the taste-maker but it can be used for various other reasons too. Many foodies understand that tomato is good only because of taste and color but the fact is quite different. This sour fruit is nutrition packed and can be consumed to meet many of your daily nutrition needs.

While tomatoes are commonly used in almost all dishes, it is significant to know more about its health benefits.

Bottomless health benefits of this super fruit

Loaded with vitamins

The red tangy fruit is loaded with vitamin A and C. These vitamins have vital role to play in your immunity boosting. Your body needs these vitamins to fight against various diseases. Including tomatoes in your daily diet would provide you of these essential vitamins. The folic acid in tomato is also known for overall growth of your body’s defense mechanism.

Tip - Consume it raw or cooked according to your personal liking.

Packed with antioxidants

Antioxidants will take your life into reverse direction. You can stop the ageing process by regeneration of cells. Tomato gets its red color from Lycopene which is one of the most active antioxidants. This antioxidant keeps your skin young and flawless. Lycopene is also known for its cancer fighting properties.

Tip - One glass of tomato juice in the morning will rejuvenate your body with its antioxidants and vitamin content.

Helps in Diabetes

Alpha-lipoic acid present in tomato will convert your body glucose into energy. The energy thus formed will help you feel energetic throughout the day. Those suffering from diabetes or at higher risk of diabetes would get substantial health advantage by tomato consumption as the blood glucose easily gets converted into energy and hence keeps the sugar levels in control.

Tip – Add tomatoes to all gravies as they will add to taste and would also help you cook with low oil.

Weight loss

If you are aiming at weight loss then you will have to control the fat deposition. The tomato consumption will never add calories to your diet but it will keep your tummy full for long. The minerals and vitamins present in this fruit will control the fat deposition too. The glucose conversion will also reduce the fat deposition. Another major content of tomato is choline which aids the fat absorption in the body. All these contents together make tomatoes better for weight loss.

Tip - Make your each meal healthier by adding sliced tomatoes as accompaniment. This will make you eat less while reducing the fat deposition.

Better Sleep

If you find difficulty in sleeping then choline in tomato would solve this issue. Choline reduces the inflammation and transmits the nerve impulses. This will allow you to sleep better as your brain will be calm and cool.

Tip – Have tomato soup at dinner time as it will affect your nerves positively. If you have acidity then add celery stalk to it.

Tomatoes can turn out to be wholesome food if you consume it in the right combination with your other favorites. The best part is that they are tasty too!

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