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How Does Boxing Cause Brain Damage

Like any full-contact sport, boxing carried with it an increased risk of injury. According to allpro every fighter knows that to step into the ring is to place themselves in harm's way, it has not been until recently that medical professionals have begun to realize just how seriously seemingly mundane injuries such as a concussion truly are. Doing all you can to protect yourself, knowing when and where to seek appropriate care and possessing a better understanding of how boxing can lead to a traumatic brain injury are all important issues that every fighter would do well to take seriously.  
Concussion, Contusion and Other Forms of Brain Injury
The brain is a sensitive organ; even though it is protected by the skull, kinetic impact to the head can result in any number of serious or even life-threatening injuries. A cerebral contusion is the term used to describe bruising of the brain tissue and small tears in the blood vessels supplying it. A concussion is a general term that is use…

OMF Lit Presents...

If you're looking for an activity this Lenten season and is looking forward to hear the words of God from a well known author and pastor, you may want to consider attending this event:

How did you feel while reading the Book of Revelation? Some would say they felt fear, dread, and terror. Others say they felt joy, anticipation, and longing.

The Book of Revelation is not just about the Last Days. Best-selling author Pastor William Girao speaks about how we can recover the ultimate message of the last book of the Bible. Join us on April 12, 2014, from 10AM - 12 PM at the OMF Lit Bookshop in Boni for his talk.
We encourage pastors, small group leaders and youth leaders to attend this talk to give you a different perspective as you lead the people in studying the Word of God.
To register, please email

Music and Live Bands

It's been a year since the last time I've visited Sam's! This is a well known pizza house in our city which has been a favorite venue for get together and parties.  What makes Sam's interesting are the live bands who perform nightly.  In fact, aside form the best tasting pizzas and fried chicken, the awesome live bands keep me coming back to this place.  I normally visit the place with my family but when I was till working in the Philippines, I used to go there with my office mates especially on special occasions. 
It's quite interesting that live bands play alternately with Acoustic singers and this left you with an option. This restaurant is often full of customers who are looking for fun and entertainment.  The place is a bit dark and not really conducive to a warm conversation as it's quite noisy because of the crowd and loud music. However, the fact that it is quite dark inside made the place appeared to be more romantic is also being patronized by couples …

Apartelle or Hotel?

We are planning to go for a short vacation in Baguio next month in time for hubby's arrival. He will be on home leave for 2 months and this vacation has been a long time plan.  I am now scouting for an affordable yet comfortable accommodation in Baguio.  Some friends say it would be nice to book in an apartelle as it is like a home by itself with a mini kitchenette and all that basic amenities in the house not to mention it's affordable rates which will be good especially if you are traveling in group.  On the other hand, my sons says it would more convenient to be billeted in a hotel with a complimentary breakfast and with all other important facilities like a business center, a restaurant and free wifi access.   So I am now caught between the two options, an apartelle or a hotel family room?
I've been booking all my hotel accommodations through Agoda and I am quite pleased with it's fast transaction.  The main reason I'm booking through Agoda though is because I c…

Reviving An Old Bed

I've mentioned here a number of times that we were a victim of a great flood sometime last year and it ruined some of our furniture at home including some beds.  It's good that most of the single beds in the house are made of steel, so these were not really damaged by the flood.  The problem we had was with regards to the foams and mattresses that were submerged in flood water.  Some, we managed to save but some were totally destroyed.  My son's bed was quite a disaster as the foam was totally damaged.  Now that hubby is coming home for a vacation, we are thinking of reviving his old bed.  Repainting the bed frame would be a good idea  and we're also looking into purchasing a new foam for his bed.  In line with this plan, we're considering to get some foam sheets from Foam Factory. It would be nice to shop for some new bed sheets, too. 
We are now starting to plan for the minor projects that we have to do at home this summer as hubby will be with us for the entire s…

Situations Where You Can Benefit from a Bear Coat

Face it: sometimes it is hard to stand out from the crowd. You could be struggling to be seen during a casting call for Survivor, want to stand out when meeting the next Bachelorette, or you may just want to entertain yourself while making a run to the new Taco Bell. You could dye your hair pink and orange, but that has been done a million times before. Or you could purchase and don your new bear coat to get the attention of those you most desperately want it from, whether it is the unsuspecting diners at Taco Bell, the producers of the next reality TV show, or the leading lady from the newest season of the Bachelorette. While these three scenarios may not be on your bucket list, read on to learn about a few situations where your new fur coat will come in handy.
Sports Arenas
If you are a lover of all sports, especially football, soccer, ice hockey, or any other sport which could be held outdoors during the chilly fall and winter months, you can definitely use one of these fur coats. No…

Creamy Lasagna


For the longest time, I am at awe on how some Moms prepared best tasting lasagnas.  This is one of my favorites and I used to order this whenever I dine at any Greenwhich branch.  I really love their creamy lasagna, it tastes heavenly!  I promised myself that I will try to make the best lasagna ever and I've been scouting from some recipes online.  The latest I got was from  I noticed that recipes consist of some ingredients that's quite hard to find in supermarkets, so I continue to search for more recipes and I settled for this one from
Ingredients 9 lasagna noodles1-1/4 pounds Ground Italian Sausage3/4 pound ground beef1 medium onion, diced3 garlic cloves, minced2 cans (one 28 ounces, one 15 ounces) crushed tomatoes2 cans (6 ounces each) tomato paste2/3 cup water2 to 3 tablespoons sugar3 tablespoons plus 1/4 cup minced fresh parsley, divided2 teaspoons dried basil3/4 teaspoon fennel seed3/4 teaspoon salt, divided1/4 teaspoon…

Financial Compensation for Accidental Injuries of the Arm

Whether your daily tasks involve heavy lifting in a parcel warehouse, young childcare in a schooling facility, clerical work in an office, or cooking in a restaurant, it is a safe bet that your arms are the two tools that you can simply not do without. It is unfortunate, then, that arm injuries are such a common category of accident, particularly for those who are on the job. Heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, and holding objects at one's place of work can all lead to arm injury, especially when the appropriate safety procedures and precautions are not taken to ensure a safe work environment. 
Because the muscles and bones of the arm are asked a lot of each day and because we often put them under so much pressure, arm injuries occur when we are too demanding of our upper bodies and put too much stress and strain on them. Slipping, tripping, falling and being crushed are other frequent ways that our arms incur injury. When you spend many hours each day handling hefty items o…

Super Foods We Can't Live Without

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When you go to a supermarket, is there any list of food items that you can't go without?  Having our individual preference for foods that are going to be served on our dining tables is just common to everybody. But the question is, are we getting the right kind of foods?  There are what we consider as super foods that should be part of our grocery list and these foods can bring a lot of good nutrients to our bodies.  From the photo above, carrots, zucchini, eggs, lemons or calamansi, bell peppers, tea and fish are the usual items that I never failed to include in my shopping cart.  In my case, I also make it a point that I love what I buy because if I buy these just because of the known nutritional values, chances are these will just be left unnoticed in my fridge and eventually get spoiled.  There are foods that are high in nutrients that I truly love such as cucumbers, eggs, fruits and some leafy vegetables so I think I would just settle for these.  Green salad and s…

It Pays To Be Prepared and Secured!


Despite of the many disadvantages of riding in a motorcycle like lack of security features,  more and more people are still using motorcycle as a primary means of transportation.  Some prefer the adventure while riding on an open road while others love the freedom that it brings especially on a heavy traffic condition.
However, despite of these reasons, we still cannot compromise our safety and that includes wearing a protective gear that could protect us in case of unforeseen situations.  Head injury is the most common risk that a  motorcycle driver faced when on the road, thus wearing helmet has been imposed on most countries and became an integral part of it's traffic rules and safety. While other strictly observe these rules, some just simply ignore and remain on the roads without bothering about their safety.  This is the reason why more and more cases of road accidents occurred every single hour on all areas in the world.  Because of this, it is very important t…