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Looking For Budget Flights

My son cannot contain his excitement to travel and explore.  This maybe the result of the previous vacations that we had in Saigon and Thailand.  They had so much fun in Bangkok especially that part that they could shop for quality but affordable goods at Bangkok's shopping malls.  I could very well remember how they almost exceed their baggage allowance as they had lots of stuff to bring home.  When we shop, both my son and daughter would normally tell that they would just want to take the opportunity to shop as Bangkok is really known for shopping and it is one of the primary reason why tourists are going there.  They have good designs for the clothes especially for women so you would really be tempted to buy a lot.
They also have the Pantip Plaza where you could buy some computer and electronic goods.  My daughter almost bring home a cheap casio piano but her brother stopped her as they have already bought lots of clothes and shoes and there's no more room for other delicate…

Brain Injury And Work Accident: What To Do?

Accidents happen everywhere, and intimidating as it might sound, even your workplace is not accident proof. In fact, there are so many people in UK alone who face some kind of injury at work. While no two injuries are the same when it comes to intensity, an injury to the brain is one of the most sensitive. This is because the impact of a brain injury can have far-reaching consequences upon a person’s life and may even take a fatal turn. If you or anyone you know has experienced a brain injury work accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation.
What causes brain injury at work?
You may have to suffer a brain injury related to work accident because of a variety of reasons. This may include poorly maintained or defective work equipment, falling from a height, spillages, or use of improperly signed wet floors that lead to slips and falls, and road accidents that happen while traveling in an office vehicle. While the list is not exhaustive, these are the more common …

How Important Is Your Time?

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I was just having problems with my time lately thus I was stunned upon seeing this interesting reminder as I was surfing online.  All my life, I've been very busy doing a lot of things. I've been actively working in the corporate world for so many years since I was single. Finding an extra time for myself has always been my problem especially during those days when I began to handle delicate responsibilities at work. I guess this is where I got my migraine sickness few years ago.  Having stressful days at work has been a normal occurrence for me.  For working professionals, or even those who are just at home with the kids, finding time for ourselves seemed to be very difficult and oftentimes, we failed to realize that it is equally important to find time for ourselves.  I also think of this at times.  There are times that I would pass tidying up the house and try to just lie on my bed watching a movie and munching some chips.  I consider this my "me time"…

The Definitive Guide to Preparing Your Garden for Next Winter's Storms

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It’s been a tough year so far here in the United Kingdom. There have been major floods widespread across the country with some towns cut off after the residents were evacuated. Rivers have been unable to cope with the deluge we have suffered over the last two months thanks, in some part, to the government’s policy in cutting back on dredging. The environment agency has been open about the restrictions placed on them by the powers that be and further cuts to the agency’s workforce have been delayed until the crisis is over. There is not very much that homeowners can do to protect themselves against this kind of environmental attack, though; there have been pictures on the news of a walled home and garden holding back the surrounding waters.
We have also had gale force winds that have caused extensive structural damage. Trees have been brought down, and roofs have been blown off buildings all over the country.
We cannot fortify our homes to the extent it would need to protect …

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Since I decided to be a WAHM, I am faced with more challenges to manage my time effectively.  I was good at this when I was still active in the corporate world, but if I would compare that from the challenges that I'm facing now, I think that I'm having a different kind of challenge.  It is so because before, when I'm having a full time job outside of home, I do have a full time house maid that handles everything in the house.  I do the budgeting and grocery shopping ever since but it's always different when you are the one ding the household tasks yourself.  Not only it involves physical efforts but it also involves strenuous mental exercise as well especially when you begin to be hands on with everything around the house.  That, on top of doing some online works and handling small businesses on the side will really drain you during the day.  My only relaxation period is at night time when I can get to watch my favorite TV series but still, it involves a little work o…

Bridal Lace on a Wedding Dress

If you really want to wow your guests on your special day, choose a dress that is full, flowing, and radiating with a glorious amount of bridal lace and elegance. Enveloping yourself in copious amounts of beautiful lacey materials will make you feel like a princess on your very special and unforgettable day.
An Elegant Look
Your wedding dress is what will make you shine and stand out on your upcoming day. If you want to shine and be comfortable, it is important that you choose a dress that is tailored just for you. This is the time that you don’t have to think about anyone else but yourself and you can show off your personal style and flair. Wedding dress shopping can be very confusing and difficult, especially if you don’t know where to begin. Before you try on your gown, determine what types of styles you are after and which ones can keep hanging on the rack. This will eliminate unwanted stress and save you time in the end. Knowing what you desire beforehand will make your dress-sho…

Cure to Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the many growing social problems that's common to most countries.  It's undeniably causing a great problem to the community especially if it's already accelerated to violence and is already causing an increase in crime rate.  In the Philippines, most parents are concerned about their teens especially if they are living in an environment where so many factors influence their child's growth and development. parents need to be extra cautious and mindful about their children's behavior.  Personally, as a mother I would always be on a look out to my teens circle of friends as this is where drug addiction  usually emanates from.  It's a good thing that science and medicine has been working hand in hand to find solutions and cure for drug addiction.  I've heard about this rapid opiate detox.  This could make parents feel hopeful that there is always a hope for a changed life for their children.   
However, there is a growing concern about t…

Helpful Reminder

I saw this cool idea of helping yourselves be reminded with what you have to bring along with you every time you depart from home.  I myself is guilty of forgetting my cellphone, my key and other important stuff every time I leave home.  I think this is a cute reminder as you could gang it on your bedroom door so that you would see those stuff as soon as you lock your door.  Cool huh?
I think this is very easy to do right?  I', getting a lot of useful ideas and wanted to share these in my blog.  I know busy Moms like me needs to get organized and I'm just crazy with organization ideas these days.  remember the 7 habits of highly organized people?  I guess, I've learned a lot from that book. :)
I'll be sharing more of my organization tips on my future posts so please swing by.  :)

Regular Maintenance Checks Can Prevent High Auto Repair Costs

There are numerous advantages to completing regular maintenance to your vehicle. This is easier said than done when you are not really automobile savvy. If you need suggestions and advice, simply ask companies advertising auto repair in American Fork, UT. Mechanics and shop assistants gladly provide customers with the information they need to complete simple, routine checkups. Is this something you are considering in order to optimize your ride’s performance and limit repairs? In that case, read the following tips.
Checking Oils and Fluids
To check your engine’s fluid, your car has to be on a leveled surface. Turn the vehicle off. Wait for the oil to pour into the pan. Pull the dipstick out. Wipe it clean with a rag. Put it back into the reservoir. Pull it out again. This time you will get an accurate measurement of the oil left in the tank. Add little bits of oil at a time until you reach the “full” mark. Only use quality oils. Read the car’s manual for recommendations. Measure oil lev…

Bill Paying Calendar

If you are paying a lot of bills every month and you often end up forgetting some due dates which eventually results to extra charges and skipped payments, I guess apart from using your Mobile Phones and Tablets, you may opt for a Bill paying calendar like what is shown above.  I saw this from Etsy and I think it's also a cool and organized idea of keeping track of your bills at home especially if you have several bills to pay in a month and you're a very busy working Mom.  You just have to make it a habit to check this note from time to time so you would get reminded with those bills at hand.  It's being sold on Etsy but you can also make your own using recycled materials.  The idea is easy.  You just have to put those bills in the "Pay" section upon receiving these from mail, then you have to make a list of the due dates on the calendar and after the bill has been paid, you just have to move it to the "Paid" section.  So cool!

Benefits of Vision Correction Surgery

Gone are the days of you having to wear glasses or just bear with the blurry vision that you have. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about having contact lenses either. Vision correction surgery has become very popular and very safe. The surgery reshapes the cornea of the eye to change the natural vision of the individual. When the shape of the eye is changed, more light is able to enter through the retina which produces a better focus for the eye. This surgery has been performed for years and many people have taken advantage of its benefits.
The surgery works. A very high percentage of those who go through the eye surgery come out with the vision that they have always dreamed of having. Imagine having to wear glasses since you were a small child and all of a sudden being able to look out with your own eyes and see the whole world come into focus. What a miracle! Those who don’t get the exact vision that they were hoping for still claim to have some improvement in their vision. The…

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Just saw these healthy lunch recommendations online and I just thought of sharing this in this blog for those picky eaters out there or better yet to those who are craving for delicious meals that are easy to prepare and can bring to work everyday.  Not only that, these are low in calories and nutritious too.
I love that wrapped salad! It's very easy to prepare and really healthy. :)  Sandwiches are always a great and filling meal especially if you add some veggies on it.  I remembered the Bahn Mi, a kind of sandwich sold in Vietnam which I always buy during my stay there.  It's really delicious and filling.  One sandwich is enough for my lunch or dinner.  It is packed with veggies and some meats and so yummy!
Another one is pasta.  I think this is the easiest to prepare next to sandwiches and this can help you redo your left overs by just mixing any of your left over meat in your cooked pasta.  Just few drops of olive oil and some soices and you're ready to go for ano…