Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top Tips to for a Greener Life

When it comes to the environment, it is paramount that we lead by example. Teaching not only our children but friends and other family members the importance of green living will mean our country and earth will still be able to provide us with all its natural goodness in the years to come. Global warming is one of the most relevant issues that affects the world today. We all want to help the environment and with some very small changes, we can not only reduce our living costs but also improve the environment around us. The tips below will ensure you have some extra cash in your pocket, while overall reducing your carbon footprint:

1.       Recycle

This may seem like an obvious tip but recycling should not be limited to just paper and plastic. We can recycle nearly every object in our house, be it an item of clothing or a piece of furniture.  Find a flea market and sell your old goods or donate them to those less fortunate. Find your nearest recycling center here and even if you don’t make a bit of extra change, helping someone in need is far more rewarding.

2.       Give your car a vacation

Try to take a greener route by walking or cycling to your destination. Taking the car may seem like the easier option but you will not only save on fuel but also those gym fees. Improving your health, saving money, and the environment- What’s not to love?

3.       The car diet

Removing unessential items from your car can not only make your vehicle lighter but your wallet that little bit heavier. When your car is carrying unnecessary extra weight it puts tension on the engine which in turn increases fuel consumption.  Items such as an empty roof rack, unused child seats and other equipment should find a new home in your garage. Here are some extra tips to keep those driving costs as low as possible.

4.       Choose the right vehicle

With thousands of new vehicles on the market each year, choosing your perfect green car need not be a daunting task. Look for cars with good fuel efficiency, such as these, or if you’re really looking to change your ways, what about a hybrid or an electric car? There is a lot of choice so start doing your research as soon as possible.

5.       Turn off electrical appliances

Make sure your family turn off electrical appliances when they are finished using them. When the kids are done with the T.V and game console, get them into the habit of turning them off. It’ll save you money in the long run. If it’s a glorious day outside, ban the console altogether and tell them to enjoy the environment you are all working to sustain.

Remember,  it only takes some small steps to make a very big difference!

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  1. Thank you for the tips and I can share my ideas. I have decided to go green using paper carefully and I don`t say about recycling just now. I try to store all the information in my computer without printing it, just the same as books. I adore using the best homework help websites , so I just download the ready tasks and send them to my teachers (some of them really allow it) It is so comfortable as I can always easily find what I need and I don`t have tons of paper around me and what it more important I have saved dozens of trees by now.


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