Monday, June 30, 2014

Jogging Time!

We recently went for a much planned jogging activity at Remy Field inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. I would admit, we'd been planning to do this for the longest time but for some reasons, it's always being postponed!

Blame it to our never ending projects at home, not to mention that hubby spent almost a month of his vacation supervising the repairs and improvements of our other house which we are renting out.  It was on the month of April when he first arrived home and right after our Baguio City vacation, he started right away on the repair and improvement projects of that house. Because of that, we never had any jogging activity for the whole month of May.  Finally, we made it and such was a wonderful experience for a first timer like me.    

Me and hubby was joined by our son Edmar.  It was so unlucky that our daughter Mika couldn't make it as she has late afternoon classes but she followed us at the venue when we're almost done to give us a moral support. (lol)

It was already dark when I decided to stop running but you see, I never had enough.  I have to make some stretching while I joined hubby and the kids resting in one corner of the oval.

Me, hubby and our daughter Mika who just dropped by from school to see us having fun while jogging. :) 

I actually made about 7 rounds but that's a combination of running and brisk walking. It's my first time to jog like this and besides, I have a minor heart ailment so I that want to push myself too hard.  I know that everything would be easier as soon as I start doing this regularly. Yes! I really plan to do this on a regular basis but since hubby is already going back to his work abroad, I must just be doing this together with my son and daughter, probably during weekends.

I'm so happy that since I've resigned from my job abroad October of last year, I am slowly picking up and now enjoying my life working and staying at home.  I had several opportunities to work again locally but I just decided not to as I really wanted an early retirement from work and still able to enjoy my life at home with my family.  Going out with them on a regular basis and doing things like this with them while I am still young and strong is surely a thing I wouldn't regret.     

Monday, June 9, 2014

Latest Items Bought From Lazada

Since I was so much into gardening last summer,  I do water the plants around the house regularly and I sometimes experience difficulty since our potted plants  are scattered all around the yard.  I am using a conventional garden hose to water my garden and it is attached to one of the faucets which is in close proximity to my front garden.  The problem comes when I need to water the other plants in the garage area and at the backyard.  So instead of a garden hose, I sometimes use pail and dip which is quite inconvenient as I am not allowed to carry heavy objects due to my back problem.  This is when I decided to buy this flexible garden hose.  I saw this on sale at Lazada at Php599 and when hubby arrived home, I asked him to buy this one for me. :)

At first, when I received the box, I thought it's of low quality because it's made up of very light materials.  I tried to use it though and I find it very convenient for me as I can move it freely around the yard as it is very light and easy to transfer from one place to another.  I think this will also be good if I want to clean our terrace with soap and water and also if I want to clean the windows around the house.  For me, it is a great buy!

We have several fans in the house but I want a permanent one in the dining area.  We normally used a stand fan in the dining area when having meals but since it's movable, we keep on pulling that fan from one place to another.  I told hubby that it would be more convenient to install a wall fan right in the dining area so it would be easier for us.  Hubby agreed and asked me to order one. I've chosen this Union 16" Perfect Timing Wall Fan as I trust Nikon when it comes to fans and also, I love the fact that it is equipped with a timer and can be operated by a remote control.  So far, it's doing great and again, I consider this another great buy from Lazada!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Shining Star....A Korean Salon

There's this Korean salon at Olongapo City which is a hit to those who love fresh hair styles and this specifically applies to teen girls.  My daughter is not an exception, she usually request me to bring her to this salon whenever she needs a hair cut or a hair treatment.  As a matter of fact, this is where she had hair hair done during her Prom Night! 

This Korean salon is managed by a Korean who despite of being a male can still actively connect with the lady customers.  I remembered having my hair cut here last summer and he approached me in my cubicle a number of times checking about how I love my new hair style and also offered me their new hair treatment which they called "Brazilian" and assured me that I would be getting a soft and shiny hair in an instant.  That's for Php3,000 of course. :)  But the hair stylist told me that it would just normally lasts for about two months, the most.  In that case, why bother?  I'm just staying at home now, anyway. :)

What I love about this salon is the personal touch and treatment given to their customers.   They are extra sweet to their customers and would make you feel at home while inside their premises.  When I had my hair cut before, my daughter was just waiting for me at the lobby but she was repeatedly offered with a glass of Iced Tea.  I just had my hair cut for only Php100 but it lasted for more than an hour.  The hair stylist said I've chosen the "bob cut"and this requires an elaborate procedure and that she doesn't want to finish me off not properly done.  They wouldn't speed up even if there's another customer waiting and I considered that good. 

The day I took these photos, Mika had her hair treatment and hair cut package courtesy of her Dad and again, she preferred this to be done at Shining Star.  The only problem here sometimes is that they over charge on some other services, however, I overheard some customers asking for discounts and they sometimes obliged.

Personally, I am not really loyal to one salon for all the services I need like if I would have a foot spa package, there's a place for me and another for the hair cut and so on.  I pick up the best in every salon and I would go in that place for a particular service that I need for myself.

How about you? Do you have your favorite salon, too?

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