Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Special With JCO Donuts?

We had our JCO experience when we've visited Camp John Hay in Baguio City sometime this May.  I am not really a donut fan but our two grown up kids simply wanted to join the bandwagon of those addicted with JCO donuts. Admittedly, I would not waste my precious time falling in line just to get hold of these donuts or any donuts for that matter.  I've been repeatedly asking myself, "what's so special with JCO Donuts?"  I've seen that the shop was crowded the time we went there and most were carrying boxes of donuts when they've left. These JCO donuts must really be something to look forward to as people are going gaga just to avail these donuts.  

JCO is attractive to almost everyone, working guys and gals, teens, kids, Moms and Dads and even grannies.  What makes JCO special?  Well, that's for me to find out, that's why me and hubby obliged to our kids request to have a coffee break at JCO after a tiring walk around Camp John Hay. fairness, that cozy experience of having a nice cup of coffee while having  a bite of that donut with a distinctive taste and flavor is enough to keep you satisfied.  Your first bite will already give you an idea that only premium ingredients were used in the signature range of donuts and beverages served at JCO. However, I find the donuts a bit pricey and not worth spending for just an afternoon snack.  The amount that you would spend for an afternoon snack could already be good for a decent serving of  dinner at your favorite restaurant.  Oh well, this is just my personal opinion, I don't have any qualms about the great tasting donuts at JCO but on a practical side, I would rather spend on something that's healthy.  This all depends on our own personal preference but I think that this coffee shop succeeded in creating a life style cafe that would define the customer's social status just like Starbucks and for some customers, that's important.

Will I try JCO again? Probably yes but I won't go there if it's crowded nor I would be willing to fall in line just to have my share of donuts.  Anyway, it won't really hurt if we get to visit there once in a while. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Special Mother's Day Treat

I had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration courtesy of hubby and kids.  I've never expected that I would be getting special treats on that very special day for Moms.  My kids will normally give me gifts on Mother's Daybut this year is different (parang nag level up). 

Instead of gifts, I got gift vouchers for a whole body massage and a foot spa package with manicure and pedicure at my favorite spa and salon.  Actually, I prefer to get these types of gifts as I practically have everything na.  My son and daughter knew that I am a spa fanatic.  I love to pamper myself, that is!

Well, I was surprised when my son handed over to me two gift certificates:

A gift certificate for a whole body massage at City Spa.

And gift certificate for a complete spa package at Ambyanz (my favorite salon).

That afternoon, my daughter Mika accompanied me to City Spa to avail my whole body massage.  After that, she treated me for Stunner's Meal at Burger King at Ayala Malls Harbor Point.

From there, we waited for hubby and my son Edmar and while doing so, we had a walk around the mall and pose for some photos.  There's a lot of Mother's Day booths where you can have your pictures taken.

When hubby and son arrived, they've surprised me with a special dinner at Coco Lime (one of our favorite restaurants).

We had a long day and went home fully satisfied.  I felt so blessed having such a wonderful family who loves me so dearly!  They've made me feel really special on that special day for Moms and I felt like a queen. (lol)

To be a Mom is the most wonderful feeling that I ever had and having raised such wonderful, loving, kind and intelligent kids is truly a blessing from above!

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!

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