Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trendy Tops

I have mentioned few times before that my daughter really has that artistic side.  She is into video making and editing, cartooning and sketching.  When I resigned from my job abroad and had decided to settle at home for good, I've seen my daughter's creative hands more.  Just recently, she is into designing trendy tops.  She would normally buy plain colored shirts which she would paint herself.  I'm, happy that my daughter has evolved from her shy and introvert personality to a more outgoing and adventurous type which could very well be shown from her art projects.  Instead of going out too often with friends, hanging out on discos or malls, she is at home doing art projects, isn't that great for a teen aged girl?

Here's a sample of her works:

I think designing trendy tops is just so easy as she only uses basic tools such as paint brush, scissor and fabric paints.

Good luck my dear daughter, hope you could make one for Mom too! :)

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