Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Wrist Watches

Hubby came back home for  a vacation just a week ago and he was surprised that I am not wearing any of my watches whenever we go out or even at home.  When he asked me the reason, my answer was so simple and maybe unacceptable (lol).  To be honest, all my wrist watches need battery replacement which I've failed to do for few months now.  I don't know but I just got too lazy to go to the watch repair shop as it is out of the way whenever I go to the supermarket, to the church or to the mall.  All my errands are concentrated in just one area and I often ended up not going to the watch repair shop.  I actually saw one inside the mall but the price charges is a way too high compared to that local watch repair shop that is located near the public market. 

Before he went back home for the scheduled vacation, hubby asked me if I wanted a new watch but I said no. I still have several watches which are all in good working condition, majority of which actually came from him.  He loves to buy watches as "pasalubong" and I really love those watches that he bought for me.  I wonder if he got those gorgeous watches from as I've seen some simple yet elegant watches from that site.

Anyway, hubby had all my watches batteries replaced and they are all up and running now and speaking of watches, I am dying to have that watch organizer which I saw online.  That will be perfect for my watches.  I told hubby to just reserve buying a new watch for me on his next trip.  

That would be awesome! :)

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