Sunday, April 13, 2014

He's Coming Home!

The long wait is over! Hubby is coming back home in less than a week time and because of this, we did some general cleaning in the house. I wanted him to have a restful sleep when he arrives and I guess there will be no perfect experience than allowing him to arrive in a clean, fresh looking and organized home.  As the saying goes, "there's no place like home". :)

We practically changed everything! From curtains to throw pillow covers, table cloth, ref cover, bed sheets....everything!  I wanted the house to be smelling fresh and clean.  I did some tidying up days ago and in fact, organizing has been then a part of my daily routine, so everything now comes easier as far as decluttering is concerned.

I made it a point that the living room is clean and tidy.

My pet Marcus is maybe wondering why we are all so busy. :)

On the picture is our house  helper for about 9 years and she only left us when she gets pregnant.  Now that I already terminated the services of our full time house maid, I just asked her to come to the house every Sunday and "on call" to do the laundry and ironing and to clean the house as well.  I do the daily cleaning and other routine household chores and thanks s God, I can manage well.  I guess, I've already adjusted. Good for me!

I hope hubby will be pleased when he arrives.  He deserves a good break after all the hard work as an OFW.  Now, I'm preparing our bucket list for summer and I hope I could finish everything before he arrives next week.


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