Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Wrist Watches

Hubby came back home for  a vacation just a week ago and he was surprised that I am not wearing any of my watches whenever we go out or even at home.  When he asked me the reason, my answer was so simple and maybe unacceptable (lol).  To be honest, all my wrist watches need battery replacement which I've failed to do for few months now.  I don't know but I just got too lazy to go to the watch repair shop as it is out of the way whenever I go to the supermarket, to the church or to the mall.  All my errands are concentrated in just one area and I often ended up not going to the watch repair shop.  I actually saw one inside the mall but the price charges is a way too high compared to that local watch repair shop that is located near the public market. 

Before he went back home for the scheduled vacation, hubby asked me if I wanted a new watch but I said no. I still have several watches which are all in good working condition, majority of which actually came from him.  He loves to buy watches as "pasalubong" and I really love those watches that he bought for me.  I wonder if he got those gorgeous watches from as I've seen some simple yet elegant watches from that site.

Anyway, hubby had all my watches batteries replaced and they are all up and running now and speaking of watches, I am dying to have that watch organizer which I saw online.  That will be perfect for my watches.  I told hubby to just reserve buying a new watch for me on his next trip.  

That would be awesome! :)

Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Loot Bag From Hubby

Every time hubby gets back home for his scheduled home leave, he never failed to bring us our own respective loot bags a.k.a. "pasalubong".  He's an extra ordinary man.  It's not a common thing for a man to go shopping and bring home lots of goodies to the family.  Very seldom will a man do that! Normally, they would just shop for their family once they're home buy hubby is an exception! He will do both.  Lucky us!

I really did not ask for anything special from him even he asked me non stop about what I want him to bring home for me every time we chat on Skype.  To make him feel comfortable, I just asked him to bring me some beauty and wellness products like facial creams (Olay is my favorite), boxes of green tea, lotions and a complete set of vitamins.  Well, he brought me more than what I asked and I'm very thankful for that gesture. He's so sweet and thoughtful!  My son and daughter got their own share of "pasalubongs" as well and both are equally happy.  Hope we could reciprocate what he's doing for us and we are bound to make him happy during his stay in our humble home.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

He's Coming Home!

The long wait is over! Hubby is coming back home in less than a week time and because of this, we did some general cleaning in the house. I wanted him to have a restful sleep when he arrives and I guess there will be no perfect experience than allowing him to arrive in a clean, fresh looking and organized home.  As the saying goes, "there's no place like home". :)

We practically changed everything! From curtains to throw pillow covers, table cloth, ref cover, bed sheets....everything!  I wanted the house to be smelling fresh and clean.  I did some tidying up days ago and in fact, organizing has been then a part of my daily routine, so everything now comes easier as far as decluttering is concerned.

I made it a point that the living room is clean and tidy.

My pet Marcus is maybe wondering why we are all so busy. :)

On the picture is our house  helper for about 9 years and she only left us when she gets pregnant.  Now that I already terminated the services of our full time house maid, I just asked her to come to the house every Sunday and "on call" to do the laundry and ironing and to clean the house as well.  I do the daily cleaning and other routine household chores and thanks s God, I can manage well.  I guess, I've already adjusted. Good for me!

I hope hubby will be pleased when he arrives.  He deserves a good break after all the hard work as an OFW.  Now, I'm preparing our bucket list for summer and I hope I could finish everything before he arrives next week.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Trendy Tops

I have mentioned few times before that my daughter really has that artistic side.  She is into video making and editing, cartooning and sketching.  When I resigned from my job abroad and had decided to settle at home for good, I've seen my daughter's creative hands more.  Just recently, she is into designing trendy tops.  She would normally buy plain colored shirts which she would paint herself.  I'm, happy that my daughter has evolved from her shy and introvert personality to a more outgoing and adventurous type which could very well be shown from her art projects.  Instead of going out too often with friends, hanging out on discos or malls, she is at home doing art projects, isn't that great for a teen aged girl?

Here's a sample of her works:

I think designing trendy tops is just so easy as she only uses basic tools such as paint brush, scissor and fabric paints.

Good luck my dear daughter, hope you could make one for Mom too! :)

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