Monday, March 3, 2014

Super Foods We Can't Live Without

When you go to a supermarket, is there any list of food items that you can't go without?  Having our individual preference for foods that are going to be served on our dining tables is just common to everybody. But the question is, are we getting the right kind of foods?  There are what we consider as super foods that should be part of our grocery list and these foods can bring a lot of good nutrients to our bodies.  From the photo above, carrots, zucchini, eggs, lemons or calamansi, bell peppers, tea and fish are the usual items that I never failed to include in my shopping cart.  In my case, I also make it a point that I love what I buy because if I buy these just because of the known nutritional values, chances are these will just be left unnoticed in my fridge and eventually get spoiled.  There are foods that are high in nutrients that I truly love such as cucumbers, eggs, fruits and some leafy vegetables so I think I would just settle for these.  Green salad and smoothies are delicious and high in fiber and full of nutrients that our body needs and these are often great for snack or breakfast.

I already cut down on my soda intake but I have never completely get rid of it yet.  I think occasional intake of certain unhealthy foods and drinks is not really that bad provided that this doesn't become really a part of your daily diet. As I've always said before, everything has to be consumed in moderation.

I think it would be best to have a photo of super foods displayed on our dining area so we will always get reminded to be extra cautious in the foods that we buy and eventually, we can already develop a certain liking for these foods. 

It pays to be healthy.

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