Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Situations Where You Can Benefit from a Bear Coat

Face it: sometimes it is hard to stand out from the crowd. You could be struggling to be seen during a casting call for Survivor, want to stand out when meeting the next Bachelorette, or you may just want to entertain yourself while making a run to the new Taco Bell. You could dye your hair pink and orange, but that has been done a million times before. Or you could purchase and don your new bear coat to get the attention of those you most desperately want it from, whether it is the unsuspecting diners at Taco Bell, the producers of the next reality TV show, or the leading lady from the newest season of the Bachelorette. While these three scenarios may not be on your bucket list, read on to learn about a few situations where your new fur coat will come in handy.

Sports Arenas

If you are a lover of all sports, especially football, soccer, ice hockey, or any other sport which could be held outdoors during the chilly fall and winter months, you can definitely use one of these fur coats. Not only will you have the opportunity to stand out among all of the other cookie cutter fans, you will be able to stay toasty warm while doing so. You can even easily hold a team pennant in your paws while you are cheering for your favorite team. As a bonus, no one will think you are weird when you roar loudly when a point is scored, something that happened even before the furry coat.

Winter Climate

You don’t have to just wear your new fur coat to garner attention. While attention is a given with this lifelike, sharp-toothed, fuzzy garment, it also has another function, which is to keep you warm. Yes! Just as the brown bear is able to comfortably sleep the winter away because of his fur coat, you too can weather the cold temperatures of the season while being insulated in your fur coat. Oh, and you may just brighten up an otherwise dreary overcast winter day as you walk down the sidewalk sporting your new bear coat.

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