Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reviving An Old Bed

I've mentioned here a number of times that we were a victim of a great flood sometime last year and it ruined some of our furniture at home including some beds.  It's good that most of the single beds in the house are made of steel, so these were not really damaged by the flood.  The problem we had was with regards to the foams and mattresses that were submerged in flood water.  Some, we managed to save but some were totally destroyed.  My son's bed was quite a disaster as the foam was totally damaged.  Now that hubby is coming home for a vacation, we are thinking of reviving his old bed.  Repainting the bed frame would be a good idea  and we're also looking into purchasing a new foam for his bed.  In line with this plan, we're considering to get some foam sheets from Foam Factory.  It would be nice to shop for some new bed sheets, too. 

We are now starting to plan for the minor projects that we have to do at home this summer as hubby will be with us for the entire summer and I guess it would be a lot easier doing things in his presence.  I am now slowly coming up with the list of the things that we have to do and part of the plans were already discussed with hubby so he won't be shocked with a long list of projects that we have in mind now. (lol)

Hopefully, everything will be done as scheduled.

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