Friday, March 14, 2014

Music and Live Bands

It's been a year since the last time I've visited Sam's! This is a well known pizza house in our city which has been a favorite venue for get together and parties.  What makes Sam's interesting are the live bands who perform nightly.  In fact, aside form the best tasting pizzas and fried chicken, the awesome live bands keep me coming back to this place.  I normally visit the place with my family but when I was till working in the Philippines, I used to go there with my office mates especially on special occasions. 

It's quite interesting that live bands play alternately with Acoustic singers and this left you with an option. This restaurant is often full of customers who are looking for fun and entertainment.  The place is a bit dark and not really conducive to a warm conversation as it's quite noisy because of the crowd and loud music. However, the fact that it is quite dark inside made the place appeared to be more romantic is also being patronized by couples and lovers.  I wonder if they are using cheap dimmer switch from guitar center. 

I really wish that I could go back here with hubby and the kids when he gets back home for a vacation next month.  It would be nice to watch my favorite band again.  I hope they are still there when we get to visit the place soon.  But apart from the good music and grate foods, what I missed more is the time that we could be complete as a family.  This happens on rare occasions only so I'm really looking forward to one great night at Sam's. 

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