Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apartelle or Hotel?

We are planning to go for a short vacation in Baguio next month in time for hubby's arrival. He will be on home leave for 2 months and this vacation has been a long time plan.  I am now scouting for an affordable yet comfortable accommodation in Baguio.  Some friends say it would be nice to book in an apartelle as it is like a home by itself with a mini kitchenette and all that basic amenities in the house not to mention it's affordable rates which will be good especially if you are traveling in group.  On the other hand, my sons says it would more convenient to be billeted in a hotel with a complimentary breakfast and with all other important facilities like a business center, a restaurant and free wifi access.   So I am now caught between the two options, an apartelle or a hotel family room?

I've been booking all my hotel accommodations through Agoda and I am quite pleased with it's fast transaction.  The main reason I'm booking through Agoda though is because I could pay for my hotel booking using my Paypal fund and this is where I take advantage of spending my blog earnings. :)

I've seen a number of apartelles and some are considered decent and homey but maybe not as convenient as being in a hotel. Considering the price, there is a huge difference when it comes to the room rates especially if you are booking a family room.  Anyway, I'm, still doing my research until now. I still have a month to go before our planned vacation and Still have enough time to work on our itinerary, as well.   

How about you? What would you prefer?

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