Thursday, February 27, 2014

Looking For Budget Flights

My son cannot contain his excitement to travel and explore.  This maybe the result of the previous vacations that we had in Saigon and Thailand.  They had so much fun in Bangkok especially that part that they could shop for quality but affordable goods at Bangkok's shopping malls.  I could very well remember how they almost exceed their baggage allowance as they had lots of stuff to bring home.  When we shop, both my son and daughter would normally tell that they would just want to take the opportunity to shop as Bangkok is really known for shopping and it is one of the primary reason why tourists are going there.  They have good designs for the clothes especially for women so you would really be tempted to buy a lot.

They also have the Pantip Plaza where you could buy some computer and electronic goods.  My daughter almost bring home a cheap casio piano but her brother stopped her as they have already bought lots of clothes and shoes and there's no more room for other delicate stuff like that in their luggage.

Now that summer is near, we are actually looking for budget flights but if we can't find one, I think we will just settle for domestic tours.  We have't seen much of the Philippines anyway, so visiting some interesting places in the country would also be a goo idea.  I've actually seen some domestic flights on sale but the covered dates don't actually match our desired schedule, so we'll see.

If you're looking for budget flights, you could visit Air Asia and Tiger Air, these two are so far the best when it comes to promos and I've taken Tiger Airways a number of times and I think it's considered a good airline. 

By the way, Red Hot PISO sale is on for Air Asia, you may want to check that out!  

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