Monday, February 24, 2014

How Important Is Your Time?

I was just having problems with my time lately thus I was stunned upon seeing this interesting reminder as I was surfing online.  All my life, I've been very busy doing a lot of things. I've been actively working in the corporate world for so many years since I was single. Finding an extra time for myself has always been my problem especially during those days when I began to handle delicate responsibilities at work. I guess this is where I got my migraine sickness few years ago.  Having stressful days at work has been a normal occurrence for me.  For working professionals, or even those who are just at home with the kids, finding time for ourselves seemed to be very difficult and oftentimes, we failed to realize that it is equally important to find time for ourselves.  I also think of this at times.  There are times that I would pass tidying up the house and try to just lie on my bed watching a movie and munching some chips.  I consider this my "me time".  

I guess this is something to do with creating some relaxing activities outside of your normal routine.  It helps to focus away our minds to our usual roles as a mother, as a wife, as a Boss or as an employee.  Doing something out of our usual routine is a great stress reliever and it really works in reviving ourselves for the next day's work schedule.  It is something like a breather.  As I've been guilty of this these past few weeks, I am now more determined to arrange my schedule in a way that I could fit in other things out of my normal routine.  I am more eager to master time management and this time, it should be managing my time effectively in a way that I could not only be fair to those people I served but being fair to myself as well.  After all, we all deserve a break. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing the poem above, Krizza. Now that I'm back to work I'm expecting really crazy days ahead of me, and this poem is a good reminder that no matter how busy life could get, we should take the time to sit, relax and enjoy the precious things in life. I know you're multitasking a lot these days and I hope amidst your chores and errands, you find the time to have your me time and do something that you've always wanted to do :)


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