Saturday, February 22, 2014

How Do You Manage Your Time?

Since I decided to be a WAHM, I am faced with more challenges to manage my time effectively.  I was good at this when I was still active in the corporate world, but if I would compare that from the challenges that I'm facing now, I think that I'm having a different kind of challenge.  It is so because before, when I'm having a full time job outside of home, I do have a full time house maid that handles everything in the house.  I do the budgeting and grocery shopping ever since but it's always different when you are the one ding the household tasks yourself.  Not only it involves physical efforts but it also involves strenuous mental exercise as well especially when you begin to be hands on with everything around the house.  That, on top of doing some online works and handling small businesses on the side will really drain you during the day.  My only relaxation period is at night time when I can get to watch my favorite TV series but still, it involves a little work on the side like doing your budget or coming up with a meal plan for the week. :)

Seeing the above Time Management tips posted on my Pinterest wall jut reminded me what do I have to eliminate from my list or better yet, it gives me a hint that I have to redo my list.  As I am now accumulating works, I think there is already a need for me to review my schedule and begin to think of how to track my time and tst my pacing for each work accordingly.  That way, I would be able to manage my time effectively and wisely.

I am actually planning to start reviewing my list now and hopefully, I could get better results in the next few days. Cheers to that! 

We'll see...   

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