Monday, January 6, 2014

Mika's Birthday

We just have celebrated Mika's birthday last January 4 and it was a dinner BBQ party, as usual.  I remembered to have hosted the same type of gathering few years ago and it was such a hit!  We prepared all kinds of grilled foods and everybody was very pleased with the set up.  They love the idea of grilling their meats right before their eyes and it was surely fun for everyone.  Different kinds of ensaladas to go with the grilled foods plus some servings of noodles and sweets complete the set up.  I bake some chocolate cup cakes, too.

 Everything was a rush so I wasn't able to bring out a decent table cloth for the buffet table.  Only me and my house helper prepared everything so it's really exhausting.  I'm actually thinking to buy crinkle taffeta  but it was too late for me to shop.  That's the disadvantage of having parties one after the other.  You get lost sometimes. :)

Anyway, the party was well attended by friends and Mika's classmates and our entire garage was full of visitors.  Thanks to the ever reliable huge spotlight that hubby bought last year.  It surely illuminate the yard just fine.  I'm glad that we were able to celebrate my unica hija's birthday even it's just me who handles everything.  That's what Moms are for, right?

Once again, Happy Birthday my dear Mika!  

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