Thursday, January 30, 2014

Love Month

Time flies so fast.  We just had celebrated the Christmas season and next month would already be what I normally refer to as the 'love month".  For married couples like us with grown up kids , it might not be too special as more often we would prefer to celebrate it at home over a special dinner.  I wouldn't like to squeeze myself wit teenagers and young sweethearts who would always go out for a romantic dinner.

What I would like to do though given the chance is to be able to watch a dinner concert performed by a local artist.  I think that would be very sweet.  I am not the type of person who would go to noisy and crowded places.  it's a nuisance to me.  I love a peaceful and quiet place with a garden setting. That would be perfect!  For some couples, they may prefer to go for loud music like going to discos and dance the night away.  They are probably pleased with those loud and happy music in a discotheque equipped with line 6 amplifier.  Well, it's a matter of preference and we have to do what pleases us anyway.

Anyway, this year would be better for me compared to previous years as I am here at home with my family and just being with them no matter what occasion it is really excites me. :)

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