Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Love and Music

I am not so sure why love and music has always been associated with each other.  Maybe because people in love became hopelessly romantic and feelings are best conveyed through songs.  Well, that's just my own interpretation. But really, I always see people in love to be clinging to music a lot.  They get more inspired when listening to music.  Last time, my friend said that every time she hears a song, she would think of herself and her other half  to be the ones being referred to in the song.  I guess, it's so cute, right? I think I would agree that music is really relaxing and entertaining.  Listening to music while being stuck in a traffic jam revives our spirit and takes the annoyance away from our minds.  What more, others consider music as a therapy to a tired soul.  I remembered having a friend who was married to a  man who has a deep passion for music and she would always buy gifts associated with music like CD's of his favorite artists, musical instruments, a song book or lyrics of his favorite song written in a canvas.  During that time, online stores are not that popular yet and she would always go to malls searching for the perfect gift for her better half.  She could had been advised to save on ovation bass guitar at musicians friend if this was an option long time ago.  

The power of music is really unquestionable as I've been a witness to how many relationships had come to life because of music.  I guess love and music is really inseparable.  :)

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  1. Sometime I heard a song that really meant for me,..(hahaha) remembering those sweet times and the friendship. It also relax me and inspire me.:)


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