Saturday, December 13, 2014

Timing Is Everything

My hubby's colleague is getting married this coming February to his foreigner boy friend.  This is actually her second marriage as the first one, for some reasons failed.  She already got two daughters from her first marriage but she also wants to start a new life with her fiancee and have another baby with him, if possible.  She's a bit worried about this baby issue as she is already in her late 30's.  She knows for a fact that having a baby at this age is quite risky.

Timing when to baby dance is one of the most important thing to take note when you’re trying to conceive. The best time to get pregnant is when the woman is fertile. How will she know she’s fertile? There are many options nowadays to detect ovulation. According to, a woman can detect ovulation by using a basal body thermometer to track her temperature, she can also use an ovulation predictor kit or an OPK, and she may also use a free fertility calculator app available online. Whatever a woman uses to track her ovulation, what’s important is when she knows she’s fertile, it is important to not lose that opportunity to try to get pregnant. That is the best time for the sperm to be able to catch the egg for more chances of conceiving. 

As a friend, I just want to wish her good luck as me and my hubby witnessed how she did her best to give love a second chance and start a new life with her new found love.  I know that being a mother is so precious and having children is indeed a blessing from the Lord.  Our friend deserves to be happy and we'll do our part to advise her on whatever is necessary to ensure that she would have a new baby.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Dinner

What I long to experience this time is a Christmas dinner complete with a stage performer preferably a ballad singer who could entertain me with his or her songs.  That, together with a sumptuous dinner will be perfect for a Christmas celebration.  I've been telling my kids that I am looking forward to watch a dinner concert in the near future.  This type of concerts are usually held in Manila, so it very unlikely for me to attend one unless I happened to be at the place during a particular concert that I like.  Hopefully, one could be organized to be shown at Subic, so I could attend and this will be a simple dream come true. :)

It won't be much to my kid's preference, but I also love to watch a show with artists playing saxophones.  You know that type of saxophone using synthetic reeds? That would be awesome!

Anyway, a series of mini concerts will be held at the River Walk of Harbor Point Ayala Malls this whole month of December, so probably it would be nice to be able to see one.  I will certainly mark my calendar for this series of shows.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

New Beginnings...

I did not expect that this year will turn out to be a shaky one for me.  The demise of the members of my family came as an unpleasant surprise.  Everything happens in a snap of a finger, it never crossed my mind that I will lose my elder brother and mother one after the other within a month.  It was a terrifying experience.  Exactly a year after I resigned from my work abroad, things came unexpectedly. My Mom's health has deteriorated a lot until she gets totally bed ridden for a couple of months prior to her untimely death.  Well, my Mom is already old and I have long prepared myself that one day, I will lose her but I did not expect that this will happen very soon.  I managed to stay at home for one whole year with her before she passed away which became a consolation to me. Given a choice, I wish to have spent more time with her.  I hardly spent time with her as I was always busy working. Admittedly, we did not have a perfect relationship as we also have our own share of disagreements and misunderstandings, but I couldn't deny the fact that I still love her just the same.

From this bad experience that I had this year, what saddens me me most is the fact that I was not able to make it up with my brother.  I hardly seen him for years.  Fortunately, I managed to talk to him 2 months before he passed away but this does not satisfy me.  I felt that I should have done more to spend more time with him in a more meaningful way and for this, I felt so sorry.

From these experiences, I realized one thing.... time is really gold, and it shouldn't be wasted on harboring ill feelings towards other people, more so if those people are the ones closest to your heart. Admittedly, I was not communicating with my siblings for years due to some personal issues but all what I had inside my heart vanished after this experience.  Losing two people who are very dear to me is not a thing to be happy about, but the fact that this has opened new doors for renewed relationships is indeed a reward.

This new beginning has opened my eyes in a number of ways, and I vowed to correct my mistakes and what I have failed to do.  God is really good and I thank Him so much for giving me a new life.  Now, I have more reasons to smile for ahead me are more meaningful memories that I would cherish for a life time.

"At the end of the day, a loving family should find everything forgivable."
Mark V. Olsen and Will Sheffer 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Best Selling Musical Equipment

Time really flies so fast.  October is about to end, we are nearly approaching Christmas season and everybody is just so excited about it.  It will be a month for parties, reunions and celebrations. Mommies will be very busy in the kitchen and teen aged kids will be going to a lot of parties.  If we want to make our parties more exciting and fun, using the best musical equipment is a must.  It's now time to shop for more sophisticated products as these will be on a bargain soon.  Some online shops like Musicians and Friends are offering their best selling amplifiers and you could always have a chance to get a complete list of their products on sale.  We could write down our names together with our respective addresses and Send for our free catalog.

I'm sure it would be great to have everything complete for a series of parties to be thrown during the holiday season.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Caring For Your Feet

I regularly go for manicure and pedicure.  I love to have my nails done and for me, it's part of my get up, however I do not regularly go for foot spa.  Although I would admit having this kind of treatment once in a while, I do not really put much effort and concern about my feet.  Because of this, I suffered from cracked heels.  Little do I know that just like our hands and arms, feet should also be well taken care off.  After all, it is the most abused part of our body, yet when it comes to proper caring, it is always being neglected.

I do wash my feet regularly, in fact I do it few times a day.  I normally wash my feet with soap and water and I make sure they are clean before I finally go to bed.  However, I think I lack on moisturizing my feet daily.  I never put lotion, oil or foot cream every night which I think should be the right thing to do.  Now, I make sure that I apply lotion or petroleum jelly and wear socks before I sleep which I believe is necessary to seal in the moisture.

I don't have problem wearing the right foot wear as I always make sure that what I wear is comfortable enough for me.  I also seldom wear high heels as I'm already tall.  I think because of this "cracked heel experience", I will now be more careful in taking care of my feet particularly in using the right products to moisturize my feet.  I would also consider going for foot spa treatment on a regular basis.

Caring for our feet is as essential as caring for other parts of our body and should also be a priority. 

It would certainly be nice to have a happy feet. :)

Friday, October 17, 2014


Every year, our city is celebrating Octoberfest and this usually happens during the last week of the month.  This once a year "party on the streets" celebration is usually done in conjunction with the "Halloween".  During these days, you will find live bands on stage along the busy street of Magsaysay Drive.  Live band competition has also been one of the highlights of this event.  Watching the competition, you will be amazed by the competing bands performances.  I'm not so sure if they're using sdx but you will surely be delighted with their kind of music. 

Aside from live band competition, you would also feel the "real party atmosphere" dining on the streets and watching people come and go and participate on various activities prepared for the public. Drinking, dancing and partying is just a common scenario but you could also watch some variety shows and if you're lucky enough, you would also have a chance to see some famous celebrities invited just for the event. 

Indeed, Octoberfest is always being looked forward to every year and I'm glad that I'm now here to witness the event.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zalora Shopping

It's been a while since I published a post in this blog.  I was preoccupied`with many things lately, thus I seldom find a time to blog.  This is precisely the reason why this post on Zalora shopping was made quite late.  My daughter Mika shopped at Zalora around last week of August I guess and I just wanted to share her experience here in this post.

It's not actually the first time that we shopped from Zalora but just like the first time, everything was done fast and efficient.  Few days after she made her order online, she already got her package.  She was extremely happy to receive her new pairs.

Mika decided to purchase these new pairs of shoes after having learned of the site wide sale.  She was happy to get a huge discount.  After all, she used her own money to buy these shoes. :)  It's a good thing that she knows how to save and handle her money and doesn't need to bother me every time she wants to buy her stuff.

I could not vouch on the quality of these products yet though as she has only acquired these more than a month ago.  I will definitely post here in case something went wrong with the purchased products but so far, no problem has been encountered yet as of this writing.

The best thing about online shopping is saving your time and money on unnecessary expenses should you made your purchase from a physical store.  Not only you have to spend on transportation but you could also save on unplanned purchases and dining in on expensive fast foods and restaurants around the mall.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pinoy Big Brother All In

I was watching PBB last night and was so excited to know who will finally land to the "Big Four".  In my heart, I knew that Loisa will be evicted as seen from the surveys on FB and Twitter.  I am not a fan of Jane but I know that she's so strong and has a lot of supporters which could very well be seen from the number of votes she's getting every time she's being nominated for eviction.  She really had a huge amount of followers in the outside world.  

Personally if I have to choose, I would go for Daniel. For me, he should be the big winner as he had shown exemplary traits and talents while being inside the PBB house.  Last night, all the highlights inside the PBB house from the very beginning till the last eviction night were shown and from there we could see how each house mate proved himself/herself in the competition.  There are so many exciting events inside the PBB house from their simple day to day life to the simple and complicated tasks from "Big Brother" to the unforgettable visits of some famous celebrities.  I've seen that Mariz got a gift from her idol Yeng Constantino.  I wonder if it is an electric guitar from but I really like it's color and design.  No wonder Mariz was so overwhelmed and can't hide the excitement in her face.  I think Joshua got a guitar too but I forgot from whom.

At any rate, tonight will be the "Big Night" and the public will now know who will emerge as the "Big Winner" from the "Big Four".  I wanted it to be Daniel but from the looks of it, it will be Jane.

Anyway, best of luck to the "Big Four" and I guess these four house mates all deserved to be in that position based from what they have shown and proven during the competition.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Family Day Before Hubby Left Us

posing for cam

at the river walk

my daughter in her usual funny face

another pose before we left the mall

father and son bonding

my son...he has grown up very fast

On the last day of hubby's vacation here in the Philippines, we've decided to give him a treat.  We wanted his last day to be well remembered and memorable so we have arranged for a family fun day and that includes a visit to harbor Point inside SBMA, a whole body massage treat at City Spa, an afternoon snack at a Korean restaurant and a coffee treat at Bread Time.

We have strolled around the mall and decided to have some photo shoots at the River Walk.  Afterwards, we sent hubby to City Spa for the pre booked full body massage.  He felt so relaxed and refreshed after that massage and we told him that that is a bonus treat for all his hard work while he was here with us in the Philippines.  You see, he's practically doing something everyday in the house since he arrived last April and that includes cleaning, tidying up, repainting, supervising repair works, cooking and even buying our foods from the wet market.  He really would like to make it up to us for the lost times and we appreciated it very much.

Since our son Edmar has a lot of Korean friends, he's so familiar with all the Korean restaurants around the city and inside SBMA that's why he has decided to bring us to a Korean restaurant for an afternoon snack. The hot Ramen soup tastes heavenly and hubby enjoyed his bottle of Korean Beer while me, my daughter Mika and Edmar had a taste of their flavorful ice cream on stick which really tastes great and cheap too.

We had a short walk afterwards before we headed to Bread Time for our coffee break.  We can't do much as Mika still have to attend her afternoon classes in school. 


We've ordered some cakes and pastries as well as glasses of iced and hot coffee.  I really love that blue berry cheese cake....perfect for a cup of hot cappuccino.

Edmar and hubby had their share of iced coffee latte while Mika just had a slice of cake and iced water. She doesn't drink coffee and that makes her unique. Me and my son are both coffee lovers and  every single day will not be complete without a cup or two of our favorite coffee mixes. 

The day ended well. Hubby was so pleased with our "little surprise". We all went home happy and that smile in hubby's face was so precious.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Emergency Light

Whether through online or going directly to the mall, shopping for my home needs has always been a great experience for me.  I love my home to be looking neat and clean all the time so I always make it a point that I have everything that would make me feel at ease and comfortable in my home sweet home.  Since it's already rainy season now in the Philippines, power outage is just a common thing especially when there's a typhoon so I am actually scouting for a durable and reliable emergency light for our home use.  I've been to several shops already but I can't find exactly what I like and what I need.  Don't get me wrong, I am not looking for something like a chauvet impulse 648 led strobe (lol).  I just prefer something that's bright enough to illuminate the entire house.  I've seen some good brands like OMNI and Firefly and I am thinking of getting one from either of the two brands.  It would also be nice if I could have something that's equipped with a radio so we could still listen to news during emergency situations.  Well, I'm glad that we're not really affected much by the recent typhoon but I guess there's a lot more to come so I still need to prioritize what's really essential for the home during times like this.

If I would not be able to find the one I like from the local shops here in my place, maybe I could purchase online.  I'm sure there's a lot that I could choose from.        

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Love For Bags

I used to sell ladies bags from Krizza's Collection line of ladies apparel and bags but I stopped for a while since I am having difficulty with importation taxes.  I just don't understand how they compute the importation fees at customs.  The shipping fee plus the importation taxes are driving me nuts.  After deducting these two huge expenses, I am left with just a little profit.

Anyway, the best thing that I am getting from this small business of mine is that I am able to collect ladies bags as part of my profit.  At least, I don't have to buy bags from my own pocket.  That indeed is a relief. Not only that, I am also able to give few pieces to my daughter.  She's choosing the ones that could be used in school as she is now in college.

That's pretty awesome isn't it? 

If you're looking for more options to shop for bags, you could also visit  They have this wide array of bags, apparel, accessories and footwear that you could choose from.  Shop until $350 and you can avail of free shipping.  

I guess this could be an answer to those who are having shipping problem.  You can log on to the site to know more.

Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coffee Break At Bread Time

Our coffee break experience at Bread Time was one of the unforgettable bonding moments we had as a family.  Hubby was here for a vacation for almost 3 months and I guess we had our coffee at Bread Time on few occasions.  I am a coffee person and my love for various coffee mixes led me to trying different coffee shops.  I really love it whenever I eat cakes together with my cup of coffee.   

Blueberry cheese cake is a perfect combination with my cup of cappuccino and it's really filling thus I normally take a late dinner after having this at Bread Time.

My son loves to have iced coffee as opposed to me who always prefer to have a hot cup of coffee.

Blueberry Cheese Cake at Ph48 per slice...yummy!

My son having his slice of Mango Cake

Whenever I have my cup of coffee, there's two distinct features which I am very particular with... aroma and flavour.  To appreciate this, the nose should be very close to the beverage so you could inhale it fully and appreciate the full aroma of the coffee.  I am a bit experimental when it comes to flavour and for me, it is always a nice idea to try different flavours offered in the coffee shop.  For a coffee lover like me, that's indeed very exciting!

I am still looking forward to coming back to Bread Time for more coffee experience.  This bread shop offers delicious cakes, pastries and coffee at an affordable price and it's always a pleasant experience to have your coffee while having a happy conversation with your family. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Top Tips to for a Greener Life

When it comes to the environment, it is paramount that we lead by example. Teaching not only our children but friends and other family members the importance of green living will mean our country and earth will still be able to provide us with all its natural goodness in the years to come. Global warming is one of the most relevant issues that affects the world today. We all want to help the environment and with some very small changes, we can not only reduce our living costs but also improve the environment around us. The tips below will ensure you have some extra cash in your pocket, while overall reducing your carbon footprint:

1.       Recycle

This may seem like an obvious tip but recycling should not be limited to just paper and plastic. We can recycle nearly every object in our house, be it an item of clothing or a piece of furniture.  Find a flea market and sell your old goods or donate them to those less fortunate. Find your nearest recycling center here and even if you don’t make a bit of extra change, helping someone in need is far more rewarding.

2.       Give your car a vacation

Try to take a greener route by walking or cycling to your destination. Taking the car may seem like the easier option but you will not only save on fuel but also those gym fees. Improving your health, saving money, and the environment- What’s not to love?

3.       The car diet

Removing unessential items from your car can not only make your vehicle lighter but your wallet that little bit heavier. When your car is carrying unnecessary extra weight it puts tension on the engine which in turn increases fuel consumption.  Items such as an empty roof rack, unused child seats and other equipment should find a new home in your garage. Here are some extra tips to keep those driving costs as low as possible.

4.       Choose the right vehicle

With thousands of new vehicles on the market each year, choosing your perfect green car need not be a daunting task. Look for cars with good fuel efficiency, such as these, or if you’re really looking to change your ways, what about a hybrid or an electric car? There is a lot of choice so start doing your research as soon as possible.

5.       Turn off electrical appliances

Make sure your family turn off electrical appliances when they are finished using them. When the kids are done with the T.V and game console, get them into the habit of turning them off. It’ll save you money in the long run. If it’s a glorious day outside, ban the console altogether and tell them to enjoy the environment you are all working to sustain.

Remember,  it only takes some small steps to make a very big difference!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Jogging Time!

We recently went for a much planned jogging activity at Remy Field inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. I would admit, we'd been planning to do this for the longest time but for some reasons, it's always being postponed!

Blame it to our never ending projects at home, not to mention that hubby spent almost a month of his vacation supervising the repairs and improvements of our other house which we are renting out.  It was on the month of April when he first arrived home and right after our Baguio City vacation, he started right away on the repair and improvement projects of that house. Because of that, we never had any jogging activity for the whole month of May.  Finally, we made it and such was a wonderful experience for a first timer like me.    

Me and hubby was joined by our son Edmar.  It was so unlucky that our daughter Mika couldn't make it as she has late afternoon classes but she followed us at the venue when we're almost done to give us a moral support. (lol)

It was already dark when I decided to stop running but you see, I never had enough.  I have to make some stretching while I joined hubby and the kids resting in one corner of the oval.

Me, hubby and our daughter Mika who just dropped by from school to see us having fun while jogging. :) 

I actually made about 7 rounds but that's a combination of running and brisk walking. It's my first time to jog like this and besides, I have a minor heart ailment so I that want to push myself too hard.  I know that everything would be easier as soon as I start doing this regularly. Yes! I really plan to do this on a regular basis but since hubby is already going back to his work abroad, I must just be doing this together with my son and daughter, probably during weekends.

I'm so happy that since I've resigned from my job abroad October of last year, I am slowly picking up and now enjoying my life working and staying at home.  I had several opportunities to work again locally but I just decided not to as I really wanted an early retirement from work and still able to enjoy my life at home with my family.  Going out with them on a regular basis and doing things like this with them while I am still young and strong is surely a thing I wouldn't regret.     

Monday, June 9, 2014

Latest Items Bought From Lazada

Since I was so much into gardening last summer,  I do water the plants around the house regularly and I sometimes experience difficulty since our potted plants  are scattered all around the yard.  I am using a conventional garden hose to water my garden and it is attached to one of the faucets which is in close proximity to my front garden.  The problem comes when I need to water the other plants in the garage area and at the backyard.  So instead of a garden hose, I sometimes use pail and dip which is quite inconvenient as I am not allowed to carry heavy objects due to my back problem.  This is when I decided to buy this flexible garden hose.  I saw this on sale at Lazada at Php599 and when hubby arrived home, I asked him to buy this one for me. :)

At first, when I received the box, I thought it's of low quality because it's made up of very light materials.  I tried to use it though and I find it very convenient for me as I can move it freely around the yard as it is very light and easy to transfer from one place to another.  I think this will also be good if I want to clean our terrace with soap and water and also if I want to clean the windows around the house.  For me, it is a great buy!

We have several fans in the house but I want a permanent one in the dining area.  We normally used a stand fan in the dining area when having meals but since it's movable, we keep on pulling that fan from one place to another.  I told hubby that it would be more convenient to install a wall fan right in the dining area so it would be easier for us.  Hubby agreed and asked me to order one. I've chosen this Union 16" Perfect Timing Wall Fan as I trust Nikon when it comes to fans and also, I love the fact that it is equipped with a timer and can be operated by a remote control.  So far, it's doing great and again, I consider this another great buy from Lazada!


Monday, June 2, 2014

Shining Star....A Korean Salon

There's this Korean salon at Olongapo City which is a hit to those who love fresh hair styles and this specifically applies to teen girls.  My daughter is not an exception, she usually request me to bring her to this salon whenever she needs a hair cut or a hair treatment.  As a matter of fact, this is where she had hair hair done during her Prom Night! 

This Korean salon is managed by a Korean who despite of being a male can still actively connect with the lady customers.  I remembered having my hair cut here last summer and he approached me in my cubicle a number of times checking about how I love my new hair style and also offered me their new hair treatment which they called "Brazilian" and assured me that I would be getting a soft and shiny hair in an instant.  That's for Php3,000 of course. :)  But the hair stylist told me that it would just normally lasts for about two months, the most.  In that case, why bother?  I'm just staying at home now, anyway. :)

What I love about this salon is the personal touch and treatment given to their customers.   They are extra sweet to their customers and would make you feel at home while inside their premises.  When I had my hair cut before, my daughter was just waiting for me at the lobby but she was repeatedly offered with a glass of Iced Tea.  I just had my hair cut for only Php100 but it lasted for more than an hour.  The hair stylist said I've chosen the "bob cut"and this requires an elaborate procedure and that she doesn't want to finish me off not properly done.  They wouldn't speed up even if there's another customer waiting and I considered that good. 

The day I took these photos, Mika had her hair treatment and hair cut package courtesy of her Dad and again, she preferred this to be done at Shining Star.  The only problem here sometimes is that they over charge on some other services, however, I overheard some customers asking for discounts and they sometimes obliged.

Personally, I am not really loyal to one salon for all the services I need like if I would have a foot spa package, there's a place for me and another for the hair cut and so on.  I pick up the best in every salon and I would go in that place for a particular service that I need for myself.

How about you? Do you have your favorite salon, too?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

What's Special With JCO Donuts?

We had our JCO experience when we've visited Camp John Hay in Baguio City sometime this May.  I am not really a donut fan but our two grown up kids simply wanted to join the bandwagon of those addicted with JCO donuts. Admittedly, I would not waste my precious time falling in line just to get hold of these donuts or any donuts for that matter.  I've been repeatedly asking myself, "what's so special with JCO Donuts?"  I've seen that the shop was crowded the time we went there and most were carrying boxes of donuts when they've left. These JCO donuts must really be something to look forward to as people are going gaga just to avail these donuts.  

JCO is attractive to almost everyone, working guys and gals, teens, kids, Moms and Dads and even grannies.  What makes JCO special?  Well, that's for me to find out, that's why me and hubby obliged to our kids request to have a coffee break at JCO after a tiring walk around Camp John Hay. fairness, that cozy experience of having a nice cup of coffee while having  a bite of that donut with a distinctive taste and flavor is enough to keep you satisfied.  Your first bite will already give you an idea that only premium ingredients were used in the signature range of donuts and beverages served at JCO. However, I find the donuts a bit pricey and not worth spending for just an afternoon snack.  The amount that you would spend for an afternoon snack could already be good for a decent serving of  dinner at your favorite restaurant.  Oh well, this is just my personal opinion, I don't have any qualms about the great tasting donuts at JCO but on a practical side, I would rather spend on something that's healthy.  This all depends on our own personal preference but I think that this coffee shop succeeded in creating a life style cafe that would define the customer's social status just like Starbucks and for some customers, that's important.

Will I try JCO again? Probably yes but I won't go there if it's crowded nor I would be willing to fall in line just to have my share of donuts.  Anyway, it won't really hurt if we get to visit there once in a while. :)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Special Mother's Day Treat

I had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration courtesy of hubby and kids.  I've never expected that I would be getting special treats on that very special day for Moms.  My kids will normally give me gifts on Mother's Daybut this year is different (parang nag level up). 

Instead of gifts, I got gift vouchers for a whole body massage and a foot spa package with manicure and pedicure at my favorite spa and salon.  Actually, I prefer to get these types of gifts as I practically have everything na.  My son and daughter knew that I am a spa fanatic.  I love to pamper myself, that is!

Well, I was surprised when my son handed over to me two gift certificates:

A gift certificate for a whole body massage at City Spa.

And gift certificate for a complete spa package at Ambyanz (my favorite salon).

That afternoon, my daughter Mika accompanied me to City Spa to avail my whole body massage.  After that, she treated me for Stunner's Meal at Burger King at Ayala Malls Harbor Point.

From there, we waited for hubby and my son Edmar and while doing so, we had a walk around the mall and pose for some photos.  There's a lot of Mother's Day booths where you can have your pictures taken.

When hubby and son arrived, they've surprised me with a special dinner at Coco Lime (one of our favorite restaurants).

We had a long day and went home fully satisfied.  I felt so blessed having such a wonderful family who loves me so dearly!  They've made me feel really special on that special day for Moms and I felt like a queen. (lol)

To be a Mom is the most wonderful feeling that I ever had and having raised such wonderful, loving, kind and intelligent kids is truly a blessing from above!

Happy Mother's Day to all Moms!!

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