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Christmas Gifts For Our Furry Friends

There's no doubt that our family is now extended and includes our furry friends, Lucio and Marcus.  We don't treat them as plain pets, we treat them as part of our family. Last Christmas eve, our family had our traditional exchange gifts and of course, these two cute furry friends were included in the exchanging of gifts. Our baby Marcus received treats from "Kuya Edemar" and another set of feeding bowl from his "Ate Mika". of course, I also gave him a toy (the one in blue color above) which he could play with at home.  Marcus was so excited to receive his gifts and opened everything by himself.  In fact, he opened these gifts while we are also opening our gifts. :)

The newly groomed Lucio (the reason why he is not hairy ) also received his share of gifts. You see  how excited he was opening those gifts?  Unlike Marcus, Lucio seemed like already contented after opening the first gift as he almost didn't mind the rest.  He was preoccupied with the bone fo…

Gift Hunting

On the day that I shop for our traditional exchange gifts, I was having a difficulty thinking of what gifts shall I give to my son and daughter. I don't want to give them shirts, clothes or anything to be worn as both of them already had enough of those in their closets.  I wanted to give them something different and unique but I am already running out of time.  Choosing a gift for someone is not a very easy task, as you have to consider a number of things like the recipient's wants and needs and what would best suit them.
My son is not into music so even I could save on Alexander Reeds reeds, still it wouldn't be great idea. Instead, I bought him something that he could use to organize his stuff in his room plus a set of skin care products as he is quite conscious about his looks. :)
My son and daughter who used to be small kids are now young man and woman and I knew that people on their teen age years are more concerned abut their looks more than anything else, so I bought…

MMFF Entry : "Pagpag" Siyam na Buhay

Since it is already our tradition to watch movies every Christmas Day, we bought our tickets in advance for "Pagpag", Siyam na Buhay.  We are huge fans of horror films thus we've chosen to see this movie ahead of the other entries.  Besides my son and daughter thought that it would be best to bring my Mom on a later day to watch Vice Ganda's entry as this is a comedy film and will best suit her.
We have high expectations over "Pagpag" as this movie is well promoted and is having a good casting plus the lead stars Daniel and Kathryn have a huge following.  Overall the movie is good and entertaining, but our expectation was not really met.  In fact, we never got scared at all watching this movie.  There were even scenes where we had a good laugh.  The story has so many flaws and very ordinary.  It seemed to me that this is just a remake of past horror movies with some scenes just modified.  The trailer also didn't turn up to have a direct link to the film …

Christmas Carols

One thing that always excites me every Christmas season is hearing Christmas carols. It's really music to my ears.  I always love to hear Christmas songs.  There's a kind of special feeling which engulfs my being every time I hear Christmas songs.  Admittedly, there were even times that I felt like crying not because I'm sad but because I can feel the spirit of Christmas through these songs.  The song, Christmas in our Hearts by Jose Marie Chan has always been my favorite Christmas song as I find it very meaningful and it truly touches my heart.
We've been to the mall several times during the season ad I always feel delighted every time I watch the choir singing all those beautiful Christmas songs in the middle of the crowd.  They are playing different kinds of musical instruments and the sound is very soothing and relaxing.  When I hear Christmas songs, there's a magical feeling of calmness and peacefulness which cannot be explained.  There is no need to use new au…

Happy Birthday Lord Jesus

As we celebrate Christmas, let us all be reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season, as this day reminds us that a saviour was born.  Christmas is a special season to celebrate as this day normally reunites the whole family.  It is nice to know that there is a special occasion each year where all people are hoping to be reunited and celebrate with the family.  This is an important day of the year where all members of the family gather together in love and unity.  
Christmas is not only about exchanging of gifts, going out on a date, eating all the sumptuous foods and decorating our homes with special Christmas decorations. While all of these are part of the celebration, the true essence of Christmas is for us to be reminded that Christ wanted us to be all united in peace and harmony and that love be always felt in our hearts despite of all difficulties and challenges.
Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ wanted us to put a smile on our faces as we keep his promise of eternal salvati…

Hiring The Best Disability Law Firm

Whether you are disabled through employment or during service in the armed forces, in most cases, you are entitled to disability benefits. Due to the difficulty in receiving the claims that are due to you, it is oftentimes necessary to hire a social security disability law firm. These firms specialize in helping disabled workers, servicemen, and servicewomen receive the Social Security benefits that are due to them. As these cases are of extreme importance and can have a significant impact on your life, it is imperative that you choose the right firm to represent you and your case.  You should try to choose a firm that encompasses all of the following qualities, which you will find only in the best disability law firms.
Level of Experience
There are few qualities more indicative of one's expertise and ability to successfully get a job done than one's level of experience. When choosing a disability law firm, it is always in your best interest to choose a firm that has been succes…

My Newly Purchased Books from Amazon

I am much into baking and home organizing now, so it is just expected that I will be interested in purchasing books about baking and home organizing. I've been getting loads of ideas from my online researches but some useful tips and secrets can only be found on a full lenght book by well known authors.  Besides, I find storing these books in my kindle collection really useful  as I could read these books anytime even when I'm already on bed.  Another thing is that, since I still have credits left on my gift voucher which I received from a DA in one of my blogs, I might as well spend it on books as I could slowly build up my own library of books "free of charge". (lol)
I already have several books in my collection and I'm beginning to be addicted collecting books from Amazon kindle. I hope I could have more sponsors for free gift vouchers so I could purchase more. :) 

Okay guys...wish me luck on this goal! :)

Easy To Understand Tips And Advice About HVAC

HVAC problems are one of those issues homeowners simply hate to see arise. The task of finding a qualified, affordable contractor is something that many simply dread. However, by applying the guidance that follows below, the process can actually be far easier than many might have imagined, so keep on reading.
When purchasing a new HVAC system for your home, be sure it is energy efficient. These days, most new HVAC systems are energy efficient; there is a energy star label on the equipment. However, to be sure your utility costs do not go through the roof, choose equipment that is energy efficient.

When seeking a new contractor, ask loved ones for referrals. They'll often have already had someone in for similar work and will know who to trust and who to avoid. If your family hasn't used anyone, ask co-workers or other people you trust in your community for some references. Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Mill, SC
Ask for references and be sure to call them as well. You are dealin…

Eating Healthy Foods

As we grow older, we begin to experience many changes in our body system.  It's either that we experience minor body pains, our body resistance getting weaker, or maybe we simply feel that our body system is not functioning efficiently as before.  I think this comes with age but surprisingly, I know a few people who are able to keep themselves in tip top shape despite their age and these people are worthy of emulation. 
Recently, I've been reading a book of Martha Stewart entitled, "Living a Good Life".  This is a very interesting book as this does not only covers topics about health and wellness, it also covers topics about how to feel good about ourselves at present and in the coming years.  This is a book which will give you a positive light about life in general and will inspire you to accept things as they are while she shows you how to keep yourself healthy, fit and capable of doing more things as you get older.

I am not done yet with the book but one thing is fo…

Are You Ready To Reduce Melancholie

At some point in their lives, nearly every person faces the gloom of melancholy. Melancholie can control an individual having a depression that could block daily activities as well as make people want to live no longer. Although melancholy is a tough opponent, it might be defeated, as well as the advice in this article will surely help you to truly wage an effective war against it.  If you're depressed, try to focus on some thing productive for a minimum of 30-60 minutes a day. Doing absolutely nothing all day can cause a vicious circle where you not only have your own "base" melancholy symptoms, but additionally melancholy because you're unable to get anything done.

Anxiety Counseling in Woodbridge VA
Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, panic, or apprehension in response to overwhelming or threatening situations. Although most people feel anxious at one point or another, some people are paralyzed by symptoms of fear or worry. If you are struggling with feelings of …

My E-books and My Cakes!

I'm so happy with my tablet which I've purchased more than 2 months ago.  I got it cheaper since I bought it from Cambodia.  Gadgets there are relatively cheaper compared to Philippines. :)
I've been storing loads of pics in my Samsung tablet and sharing photos in FB has never been this easy using this tablet  Now, there's more to that, I've been enjoying reading interesting books from Kindle Apps which I've purchased from Amazon's Kindle store.  Now, I could read my favorite books anytime...anywhere using my Samsung tablet.
Since we're into cake business now, I've been searching for cake books that we could use to improve our craft.  I love baking and I'm more determined now to improve my skills.  Learning is not that easy. It requires patience and hard work.  But the feeling of having come up with nice and tasty products is so rewarding and so fulfilling.
Here are some of our cup cake designs which were ordered and purchased from our online shop:

Alternative Uses for Soy Candles

In choosing scented candles for your home, one of the more popular choices is using a candle with soy wax. This provides you with a healthier alternative that is clean burning, biodegradable and is made from a renewable resource. Most people that use soy candles in the home are going to burn them, either for the visual effect or for the pleasant scent that may be included. What are some of the alternate uses for soy candles that you should consider?
High-quality soy candles are not only going to look great when they are burning, they will be a welcome addition to your room's decor. Many people include soy candles when decorating, as they help to liven up a room and add a splash of color. In some cases, these candles are not even purchase to be burned. They will sit on the shelf or on the table to be included as a unique feature.
When you choose a high quality scented soy candle, you also have the possibility of using it for aromatherapy. There are a number of therapeutic benefits th…

My Zalora Shopping Experience

I was one of the lucky bloggers who was given a chance to shop for free at Zalora and I would say that I was satisfied with my shopping experience. Transaction was fast and easy and there are so many products to choose from.  I had two separate transaction with them with two batches of orders, the first order belongs to me and the second one belongs to my son and daughter. Yes, I got to share the "free shopping"with them and they were really happy to choose from the long list of products available on their site.
We got the orders delivered 5 days after we placed our order.  Delivery was smooth and easy and it's door to door, so it's really very convenient. :)

My comfy flats and flip-flops
 The accessories  I ordered are both from CLN and I love them both! :)

Since I love to roam around the mall, walking is a must so I have to choose flats and flip flops to make my feet comfortable.

My flats fits me perfectly. :)
The second package arrived the following day and both my son …

Fixing Our Bedroom

I've been fixing our master's bedroom since I arrived home last October and I have done a lot of organizing and upgrading of bedroom furniture.  I'm happy with the outcome though and I've decided to upgrade my television set inside the room as well.  I guess, it would be nicer if I could also purchase apple ipods at musicians friend. :)
I'm also done fixing my wardrobe cabinet and have created lots of storage spaces for all my personal stuff. It's a great feeling if you know that you are able to declutter and organized.  It's a great stress reliever.  It is very liberating when you know that you've accomplished a lot of things in such a short span of time.
I guess, I would continue doing this as long as I can and in fact, I have featured some of my personal projects on my two home blogs.  I will be posting more of my DIY projects at "Home Sweet Home" and "Home Fanatic".

Glad To Be Home!

I can't believe it! It's almost 2 months already since I've decided to become a WAHM.  At first, I am not so certain on how would it be to be staying at home and turning my back on my career.  I've been in the business for more than 17 yrs and to be a WAHM is something really new to me especially that I've been staying abroad for almost 7 years.
Well, it feels great waking every day in the comfort of my own bed, having my favorite cup of coffee in  the dining room with my son and daughter and watching my favorite early morning shows while munching some cup cakes. :)  There's no place like home really.  There is that special feeling that engulfs my being every time I walk around the house, the garden and the entire yard.  I could see and appreciate where our hard work had led us to.  I turned my back on a high paying job abroad but I have no regrets as I could be in the comfort of my own home and with the people that matter most to me.... my family. :)