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A Better Solution for Hair Removal

Whether it’s American culture or personal preference, or some combination of the two, you detest your body hair. Most women do. You’ve spent countless hours and who knows how much on all sorts of hair removal products and treatments and still haven’t found results you’re satisfied with. Well, the good news is that research shows that laser hair removal, offered at Assara and other treatment centers, is the most effective hair removal treatment available. The results are said to be permanent for many people. But are you willing to pay the expensive price tag in order to never have to worry about embarrassing hair again?
American society is obsessed with beauty, sex, youth, and perfection. Every advertising campaign, every television show and movie, and every magazine is full of attractive women that appear virtually flawless. Being surrounded by this air-brushed version of a woman can really start to change the way women think. Men are also influenced by this artificial standard of beau…

Repair Works At Home

I was contacted by my son as to my decision on the roof repair plans that they are thinking to pursue sometime next month.  We had some serious roof leak problems which we discovered during the recent typhoon in the Philippines.  I realized that it's really hard and costly to maintain your house with all these natural calamities happening in the country.  The cost of labor and materials are really getting high and with the series of typhoons arriving in the Philippines each year, there should really be an emergency fund to spend on house repairs and other unforeseen expenditures.  The cost of some basic materials like steel, cement, industrial ceramics and other construction supplies are really getting higher these days.  It pays to be prepared for the future. It's hard to tell what would happen next.
Anyway, I was not pleased with the quotation made by the first contractor so we should be looking for other alternatives.  I hope we could be able to find one that could really ad…

BBQ Party Ideas

Since we love to throw BBQ parties at home, I am always in constant search for more BBQ party ideas.  I am currently collecting BBQ party dishes and also some salads and other side dishes that could very well go with it.  We are a family who loves to cook and make some food arts that could very well please our guests at home.  That's why I am so delighted to find some BBQ recipes online courtesy of  I was thrilled browsing the author's 52 BBQ and Grilling Secret Extras.  Lots of ideas that I could use at home.  I was thrilled to know that there are lots of ways to grill meats, fruits and vegetables and there's also lots of ideas for food presentation that could very well get the approval of your guests.
I would be sharing this watermelon pig art that I am really excited to try.  Here, take a look:
I think this is not very hard to do and it really looks artistic, isn't it?  This could go along with the other grilled stuff that you're going t…

My Hobby

Are you fond of collecting souvenir items? I do! Got few pieces at home.  I am into scrap booking and I also collect cute figurines from my travels abroad. Apart from these things, I am also collecting different currencies and when I got enough, I plan to frame my collection.  I often heard that people who are sensitive and emotional are the ones who are much into collecting memento or memorabilia.  I don't know if it's really true, but I have started this hobby since my young age.  The sad part was that, I am not able to preserve much of my collections maybe because I've been moving here and there (lol).  Oh, and when I got my kids, I also started collecting their art works.  They used to give me some personalized greeting cards on every important occasion in the house and I just can't afford to throw these away as I know how much time and effort they have exerted just to come up with one.  I kept all these in a special box which I normally opens every time I feel nos…

Love Yourself!

When you are feeling down and out, it is a natural tendency for you to experience anxiety and self pity. You begin to look at yourself as a person of less importance and you begin to shun away with others.  I think this happens to everyone at any point in our lives.  As we grow older, we begin to feel conscious about ourselves and our deteriorating physical conditions in a way affects our self esteem.  But do you know that the more we matured, the more we have to love ourselves?  It is because it is during thus stage that we begin to be proud of our achievements.  It is during this stage that we have already accomplished a lot of things career wise and in terms of family life.  They also say that with age comes wisdom so we begin to be more confident about ourselves.
If we follow the 10 steps listed above, we will have more reasons to appreciate life and ourselves.  While it is true that people gained more weight as they grow older, this still depends on how we take care of ourse…

Characteristics of a Good Ergonomic Chair

You’ve probably heard the term “ergonomic” used often, especially in an office setting. But perhaps you aren’t quite sure what the term means. Basically, an ergonomic product is a product designed with the human body in mind. For example, an ergonomic chair, such as those designed by Sit4Life, is designed to keep the human body as comfortable as possible when using the chair. There are some basic characteristics of a good ergonomic chair.
A good chair will be easily adjustable. Usually there is a pneumatic lever that makes it possible to adjust the seat anywhere from sixteen to twenty-one inches above the floor. The most comfortable distance from the floor would allow the feet to be flat on the floor, with the thighs horizontal and the arms even with the desk height.
Width and Depth
A seat width that is considered comfortable for most people would be seventeen to twenty inches. The distance from the front of the seat to the back would need to be enough for the user to h…

Use Natural and Effective Products for Your Dry Eyes

The body works in unison to create a system working in harmony. If one process is off, even just a little, it can create friction. Your eyes are a part of your body that utilizes many different functions to work correctly. You have to have the muscles functioning properly; the brain sending appropriate signals, the nerves must be in good working order as well. Finally, the tear ducts and other lubricating systems must be doing their jobs to create a smooth, moist working environment. If you have a problem with less-than-moist eyes, you need a product that will help with dry eye relief. There are many products available that claim to remedy the problem.
Drops Many people with dry eyes try a myriad of different eye drops to try to relieve the side effects of dry eyes. While these drops may provide temporary relief, they can be frustrating to use because of the frequency that they must be applied to keep the eyes properly moisturized throughout the day. The other issue is the fact that yo…

Toothbrush Organizer

If you travel frequently, here's a toothbrush organizer that could help you get rid of wet ziplocks. This is an easy to do toothbrush organizer.  If you have old towels that are not in use, you may want to convert these to instant organizers.  The same could be done to your shampoos, conditioners and other toiletries.  This is indeed cute and handy. :)
Tip:  Always keep these things ready and grab these easily during short notice business trips.