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How to Get Large Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans Approved?

Savings are getting dried up like water in the dessert. Prices are getting higher and bills are piling up very quickly and forex is also experiencing its ups and downs. Good thing there is a way to ease your problems – Loaning.
Unsecured bad credit personal loans Unsecured Loans are the kinds of loans which do not require collateral, meaning these are not backed up by any of the borrower’s assets. These are based only by borrower’s and lender’s terms and conditions agreement. These do not even require you to have a good credit score in order for them to approve your loan application.
Where to start? Searching for a trustworthy lending institution is the very first step to this process. After which, you do not directly loan for a sizeable amount of money. Start with an amount that you can easily pay off. This would also prove your word of honor in being able to pay. 
Build up trust After starting off with small loans and paying those loans back, you are gradually building up the trust betwe…

Quick Pasta Meals

Since I came back from month long vacation in the Philippines, I just lost my time for cooking.  Maybe because I get very busy with my online gigs which I normally do after my office work and I can't afford to lose another hour or two for cooking and clearing my dirty dishes and pots. :)
 Because of this, if I have a bit of spare time left for cooking, I would normally go for quick pasta meals like spaghetti and pasta salads.  A medium sized plastic food container of cooked spaghetti would normally lasts for 4 days (lol).  I just stored it properly in the ref and I can reheat it or eat it cold anytime of the day.  That saves me a lot of time.
Recently, I'm on a look out for quick pasta meals that I can prepare for myself. Something that's both delicious and nutritious.  I think, I would like to try this one here below:
photo courtesy of : bhg
I'm still trying to check the availability of the ingredients in the shops near our area.  You know, I'm staying in a suburb so …

Small is Beautiful, Baby Clothes

The only time when a lady admires her swollen belly is when she has another life inside her. And once that life is fabricated into flesh, the parents don't want to put down even a stone to take the tender care of their child. With every other piece of this care, there's this one that holds immense pleasure -  baby clothes -little tiny ones, pink and blue and green, and of all colors which are born out of the rainbow.

When it comes to putting on the sweetest of the clothes onto your little prince and princesses, you are up for the bluest and the pinkest of the choices. With little stars and moons and sequels dotting the dress of your princess or those little footballs and base bats made onto the pants of your boy, these baby clothes are such an apple to the parents' shopping trunks.
There are a plethora of designs which come in the market of baby clothes which both the parent and the baby will admire. The very first one at that is a baby suit, your little astronauts’ first sp…

A Break From My Daily Routine

I am thankful to the internet as it allows me to have a break from my daily stressful routine by getting the opportunity to watch some of my favorite Filipino TV shows.  I used to watch a "teleserye" every night and it helps me reconnect to where I originally came from.  Staying in a foreign land is not that easy especially when that place has a culture which is totally a different from yours. So watching Filipino talents portraying roles in a Philippine setting is such a relief from someone who is away from home.  Staying in a suburb where there's not much chance for a relaxation, being able to watch some of my favorite TV programs is such a stress reliever.  That is apart from getting a good massage, of course. :) 

Doing the Baby Shop

The big dilemma. Do you announce your pregnancy on Facebook and let everyone know in one hit? Or do you tell people individually as you see them? Some people regard the Facebook option as a little OTT, whilst others see it as a convenient and time-saving way of updating friends and family.
Whichever you choose, as soon as you let people know you are expecting, your world is going to change dramatically. From out of nowhere you will be asked by all and sundry how you are feeling, how you are doing and what your plans are for when the baby is born. It can seem a little overwhelming.
 Never fear. Approach the baby as you would a job interview. Plan for it, read up about it, get everything ready and then relax. By the end of nine months of waiting, you will be glad to get on with the job in hand and you will certainly be pleased with the result! There is a lot to do, but with the help of your doctor, family and friends, you will be a yummy Mummy-to-be in no time.
You may decide to start shop…

What I've Learned Being In A Corporate World

If you are a follower of my blogs, then probably you would have the idea that I am considering to quit from my job and leave a career behind.  One of the most important consideration that I have is staying with my family for good. Well, I didn't really leave them that long.  I was working abroad for about 6 years now and would fly back home at least twice a year.  There are also situations wherein I would come home thrice a year when there is a necessity for me to be there.  Thanks to the growing airline companies offering cheap airfares,  traveling has never been this easy. :)
For many years that I've been working both in the Philippines and abroad, I've learned a lot of things not only about my job but also about dealing with people and bosses.  I would say that my years of experience had brought me into great heights but on the side, I also had a lot of painful experiences.  I guess, there's really a truth to the saying that, "you can't have the best of both…

Choosing the Best Gift

The son of my ex staff who happens to be my god son would be celebrating his 11th birthday soon.  I am thinking of the best gift that I could send him but I was clueless as I don't have any idea of what he actually likes.  I've seen some drum kits online and I was thinking if it would suit him as I've heard from his Mom that he loves to play musical instruments.  In fact, he just recently joined a group of young boys who are undergoing guitar and drum lessons and this has been one of his summer activities apart from from swimming of course.   
The drum kit is quite expensive so I am thinking of whether I should buy that or just find a nice guitar (lol).  Anyway, I'm sure that whatever gift I come up with, he will surely be happy knowing that it comes especially from me.  Anyway, I still have a couple of weeks more to decide so as early as now, I'm scouting for some promo codes online.  If not, I might settle buying straight from a music store.
Hmmm...way to go!

5 Kid-Friendly Activities To Do Inside This Summer

Summertime is just around the corner! That means lots of pool time on the weekends and lots of downtime for your kids. While summer can be extra exciting for your kiddos, what with their lack of schoolwork in the mix, it can also get kind of boring. And when the heat starts to rise and it's too hot to even go outside to check the mail, you might be searching your brain trying to think of activities to do so your kids don't go out of their minds with boredom. Stop stressing! I have five kid friendly activities that you can do inside with your little ones when it gets to be way too hot outside this summer.
1. Coloring
I taught two-year olds right after I graduated college. Let me tell you something, kiddos love coloring. Like, they absolutely go bananas over it. And it's so funny because as an adult, I loved doing it with them! The great thing about coloring is there are tons of free printables online that you can find to let your kiddos color exactly what they want. From Find…

Steps to Being Financially Secure

Before I start with this post, I would like to thank all those who have shared their valuable inputs on my last post, "Should I Quit?" Your comments and words of encouragement are very well appreciated.  Knowing and learning from other people's experiences is truly a big help in coming up with a very important decision especially if that decision may affect your family and your life in general.  Now, speaking about life affecting decisions,  I guess securing our family's future has always been the goal of everyone.  
There are various ways to assess our financial security and I think this is the main key in determining how we are to go about our life in the present.  The following are the key steps to attaining financial security:

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 First and foremost, we have to know where we are financially.  To do this, we have to make a list of our assets and liabilities.  We have to identify what we currently have like savings, receivable…

Why Permanent Makeup Correction is Needed

Permanent makeup and body enhancement procedures can bring a positive influence in the life of an individual. The major part of your personality depends on how good you feel about yourself which is completely dependent upon your looks. How people see you always determines what you think about yourself. Body enhancement techniques like color restoration of your skin and lips, and corrective tattoos, all help you achieve the body you desire without going for a major surgery.
You can achieve satisfaction with permanent body enhancement only when you go to a professional, preferably a doctor, for your needs. Most of the time people get stuck with bad or wrong color enhancement changes which bring them a certain amount of embarrassment rather than uplifting self-esteem. Therefore, to research well and choose the best professional for your requirement before going under the needle is very important. The only upside to this is that the color correction processes can restore the colors which h…

A Different Kind of Fashion

Working in a corporate world for many years had enabled me to wear various kinds of clothing.  I was able to mix and match and choose what line of clothing best fits me.  I used to wear tailor made clothes for my office attire but my few bad experiences had led me to go for the ready made ones.  From there, I was able to choose the design and fit the clothes in an instant.  From there,  I could rightfully decide whether I have to buy it or not.  As I have already tried different kinds of suits and casual clothing, I was thinking if one day I would get the chance to wear a different line of fashion.  Something that's being worn on an extremely cold weather condition.  Would I get the chance to experience Ski Wear?  Probably not, as I do not have the inclination to visit countries like New Zealand, Australia or US.  But sometimes, looking at those fashionable ski jackets made me want to at least try (lol).Although some are very costly, most of the ski clothing I've seen comes wi…