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Tips In Managing Your Finances

Hi everyone! It's time for another post with some tips and tricks to share.  I was a bit overwhelmed with a positive response that I got from the comments of my dear co bloggers and friends on my post, "Tips and Advice in Getting Your Dream Home" on my home blog and I am glad that my post was able to serve it's purpose, and that is to inspire everyone to save and build their dream home without necessarily going into debts. I've also laid down to you the virtues that I adopted in life that enabled me to fulfill my goals.  
Now, I want to share with you  some of "my personal tips" about how I'm able to manage my finances to achieve my goals. Some of these may sound simple but it works well for me, and I hope to you, too. :)
Here are some of the things that I learned to practice that enabled me to strike a balance in managing my finances:
Be easy on the gadgets.I know that many of you will react to this but please give me an opportunity to explain my poin…

Cheap Skirts for Office Outfit

One of the greatest challenges that women are facing today is how to stay fashionable and exude that aura of confidence even under a tight budget.  For some people, fashion statement is defined by the brands and the prices of the clothes they wear, for the others, it is simply by looking at their best in any outfit.  As what Yves Saint Laurent previously stated and I quote, "Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it".  Keeping this in mind, it is just safe to say that it takes a lot of courage and confidence for a woman to be fashionable.  
How are you going to transform those cheap skirts into a fashionable office outfit?  It may sound strange but for me, any simple outfit could be a "stand out" for as long as it has an expression, simplicity and sex appeal.  We need not look daring just to catch people attention.  The most important thing is that we know how to mix and match and accessorize.  Even modest skirts…

Corporate Wellness Programs

Now that I'm working here in Cambodia, I have realized a lot of things.  I feel lucky that I was a product of a good and reputable company in the Philippines. Most of my rewarding growth experiences were derived from this company and this is where I've learned a lot of things about my work and profession. I was lucky to have good mentors, and was very fortunate to have received countless training and seminars on various training programs.  The truth is whenever I check my training certificates folder, I couldn't believe that I was able to attend all those training and seminars. Perhaps, if I would use those certificates to cover the wall of my bedroom,  I think these certificates are good enough to cover one side of the walls.  
When I was chosen to be a part of the Trainers Guild, I was exposed more to trainings and seminars.  Me and the other members of the group were trained under the able leadership of the company's master trainer from our main office in Kuala Lumpu…

Summer Classes And Work Shops

Since it's going to be summer again, I'd been seeing lots of ads about summer classes and summer work shops on various learning fields such as sports, music and arts, theater, photography and many others.  Some are being offered by reputable schools and some could be availed from different private learning institutions. My daughter has been thinking of taking a charcoal painting class as she wanted to hone her talents in arts.  She told me that at one mall near our place, this class is being offered for a minimal fee.  I wouldn't say "No" of course just in case that she wishes to continue.  As a matter of fact, I'm encouraging her to take music lessons, too.  One friend of mine was once a product of a summer work shop and is now earning a decent living out of her passion for singing and playing guitars.  Now that she's earning big abroad, she could very well afford an  exceptional squier electric bass.  Good for her!  As in the case of my daughter, I'…

Benefit of a Good Business Facebook Page Design

I haven't realized the effectiveness of social media in promoting your business until I've encountered few people who had shared with me their own personal experiences how having a beautifully designed business face book page bring results to their online business.  Well, I am new to this kind of thing and I would admit that I really don't know much about how to go about those lay outs on facebook pages.  However, my constant visits and interaction through facebook allows me to observe the important features of a good  business facebook page design.  I've learned that if your facebook page design looks professional, it could create an impact on its audience and your business will look more credible and big.  Nothing can be compared to an eye catching design that can promote your brand and showcase the best features of your products. Moreover, inclusion of certain links landing to your blog, twitter or "you tube" would even make the promotion of your products …

Over Loaded Vehicles At Cambodia

One of the shocking revelations when I first came to Cambodia is having overloaded vehicles on streets as a common sight.  I just felt that the road traffic and safety rules here are far less comparable to the Philippines where even jay walking is punishable by law.  Here, you can cross the street anywhere at your heart's content. (lol)
Motor bikes on streets where small children are back riders really scares me. Only few people wear helmets and four wheeled vehicles that used to transport goods are over loaded.  I couldn't imagine myself riding on that van fully loaded with passengers and have tons of goods on top of the vehicle. Really amazed me!  It would be great if they could purchase some yakima racks to hold those extra gears and stuff.  I think that would make the vehicle looks a lot more organized.  Oh well, it's not my business though, but I just felt that we're a bit luckier in the Philippines as we never go to that extent yet, and I think it will never happe…

Thailand Orchids

I captured this photo at Bangkok's Subarnabhumi International Airport when me and my kids arrived at Bangkok last October 28, 2012 for our week long vacation.
Bangkok is known for its beautifully grown orchids. I couldn't help but admire those gorgeous flowers in full bloom.  These orchids are neatly arranged in a very long plant box adorned with bamboos, and the vibrant colors of those orchids lured every by passer to have their photos taken in front of those piles of orchids.
We're one of those actually. (lol) 

Your Life Is In Your Phone

Your life is in your phone?  I have chosen this title for my post since I've been noticing that the advent of technology had made us so dependent with our gadgets.  Why not? Technology brings us into great heights.  How internet enabled it's millions of users to connect with each other around the globe, how mobile phones make it so easy and convenient to do mobile banking, checking emails while on the go, getting the latest news updates, writing your daily inspiration in your mini diary, capturing photos through instagram, etc.  I think I will ran out of space here if I will enumerate all.  The idea can just be sum up in one simple thing, that our mobile phones now become our personal secretary.
Maybe some of us would even store all our private and personal information in our cell phones, so it would be handy to check these ones out when necessity arises. But the question now would be, are you doing something to ensure that our personal information are safe and secured?  How ca…

Getting A Masters In Business Administration

As a parent, the most important legacy that we could give our children is education.  Unlike tangible things, education is something that will not decrease in value even after a lifetime. 
As quoted from Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world." Indeed, the value of education in the life of any individual is beyond question.  It could transform you into a better person and it could change your lives more than you can imagine.  I have proven this to myself so many times.  I was able to travel my way up to the corporate ladder in an instant because of having the advantage of higher education. This could set you apart from other applicants.  This could increase your potential for higher positions.  This could even help you get financial rewards.
As early as now, I am already encouraging my children to pursue a higher education.  It would be more suitable if they can enroll in reputable schools and getting masters in business adm…

Choosing The Right Razor

Just like any other man, my husband is shaving regularly but more often than not, he always get those razor bumps.  These razor bumps developed after shaving and can cause scarring after having you suffer for a while due to skin irritations and itchiness.  Since shaving has already been a part of his personal grooming, the only option that he got is to choose better shaving products that would bring him a comfortable shaving experience.  He started it by choosing a good safety razor. 
Choosing the best shaving products is a personal preference.  There are lots of options that you can find in the market that comes with a variety of designs, features and of course, prices. 

A lot of factors should be considered in choosing razors. An example of which is the size and the weight. I didn't realize that this plays a very important factor, too. Hubby explained to me that if the size of the razor is too small, you wouldn't be able to have an easy grip of the razor and you wouldn't b…