Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My E-books and My Cakes!

I'm so happy with my tablet which I've purchased more than 2 months ago.  I got it cheaper since I bought it from Cambodia.  Gadgets there are relatively cheaper compared to Philippines. :)

I've been storing loads of pics in my Samsung tablet and sharing photos in FB has never been this easy using this tablet  Now, there's more to that, I've been enjoying reading interesting books from Kindle Apps which I've purchased from Amazon's Kindle store.  Now, I could read my favorite books anytime...anywhere using my Samsung tablet.

Since we're into cake business now, I've been searching for cake books that we could use to improve our craft.  I love baking and I'm more determined now to improve my skills.  Learning is not that easy. It requires patience and hard work.  But the feeling of having come up with nice and tasty products is so rewarding and so fulfilling.

Here are some of our cup cake designs which were ordered and purchased from our online shop:

I've found some good books from Amazon Kindle store which I think could be of great use in our cake business.  That's the reward of getting e-books.  You'll get to purchase them immediately and delivered in your kindle fast and easy.  You can now read your newly purchased book soon after you made your purchase.  Easy!

I gotta go now, I'll be browsing my new book at Kindle. :)

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