Friday, December 20, 2013

Eating Healthy Foods

As we grow older, we begin to experience many changes in our body system.  It's either that we experience minor body pains, our body resistance getting weaker, or maybe we simply feel that our body system is not functioning efficiently as before.  I think this comes with age but surprisingly, I know a few people who are able to keep themselves in tip top shape despite their age and these people are worthy of emulation. 

Recently, I've been reading a book of Martha Stewart entitled, "Living a Good Life".  This is a very interesting book as this does not only covers topics about health and wellness, it also covers topics about how to feel good about ourselves at present and in the coming years.  This is a book which will give you a positive light about life in general and will inspire you to accept things as they are while she shows you how to keep yourself healthy, fit and capable of doing more things as you get older.

I am not done yet with the book but one thing is for sure, I am very pleased with Ms. Martha's looks and how she manage to enjoy life despite of approaching the old age. She's a very successful writer, entrepreneur, mother, teacher, social worker and a well known author of many best selling books about life and home.

Reading that book, I get more inspiration to be more cautious about the foods I eat.  No doubt that I am gifted with a fast metabolism and this enables me to keep my body slim and fit for many years.  But now, I am not only concern about having a good figure, I am more interested on how could I maintain my health and feel energetic as there are still tons of things that I'd love to do which will only be possible if I could keep myself healthy.  Now, I try to balance the foods I eat.  I am making sure that I'm getting a serving of fruits and vegetables each day.  I still eat meat but it's not as often as before.  I also take natural food supplements to help get rid of sickness and to maintain a healthy skin.  When we look good, we also feel good, so we have to make it a point that we're taking care of ourselves inside and out. :)  My health habits now also includes drinking more water as I want myself to get hydrated all the time.  They say this is necessary to maintain a healthy skin.

I am more determined to continue with my health habits for the years to come and I hope that I could share some of my health tips in my future posts.

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