Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Carols

One thing that always excites me every Christmas season is hearing Christmas carols. It's really music to my ears.  I always love to hear Christmas songs.  There's a kind of special feeling which engulfs my being every time I hear Christmas songs.  Admittedly, there were even times that I felt like crying not because I'm sad but because I can feel the spirit of Christmas through these songs.  The song, Christmas in our Hearts by Jose Marie Chan has always been my favorite Christmas song as I find it very meaningful and it truly touches my heart.

We've been to the mall several times during the season ad I always feel delighted every time I watch the choir singing all those beautiful Christmas songs in the middle of the crowd.  They are playing different kinds of musical instruments and the sound is very soothing and relaxing.  When I hear Christmas songs, there's a magical feeling of calmness and peacefulness which cannot be explained.  There is no need to use new audio technica bphs1 at Musicians Friend, just to feel the beauty and serenity of the songs. Actually, the message behind the songs we hear every Christmas season is enough for us to appreciate the beauty of the song regardless of the artist who sang it.

Christmas is truly magical as we always find a special feeling in our hearts during this season, not only through songs but also through our prayers and through giving and sharing.  I think that's the essence of Christmas.   

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