Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alternative Uses for Soy Candles

In choosing scented candles for your home, one of the more popular choices is using a candle with soy wax. This provides you with a healthier alternative that is clean burning, biodegradable and is made from a renewable resource. Most people that use soy candles in the home are going to burn them, either for the visual effect or for the pleasant scent that may be included. What are some of the alternate uses for soy candles that you should consider?

High-quality soy candles are not only going to look great when they are burning, they will be a welcome addition to your room's decor. Many people include soy candles when decorating, as they help to liven up a room and add a splash of color. In some cases, these candles are not even purchase to be burned. They will sit on the shelf or on the table to be included as a unique feature.

When you choose a high quality scented soy candle, you also have the possibility of using it for aromatherapy. There are a number of therapeutic benefits that are available when the right scents are used. For example, eucalyptus may help to relieve mental fatigue, headaches and open the bronchial passages. Lavender can lift the spirits and peppermint can help you to be more alert.

One final alternative use for soy candles is to combine the relaxing effect of aromatherapy with the pleasant visual effects of a burning candle. This can help you to relax even further and is a welcome addition to bath time or for sitting in a quiet room to prepare yourself for a restful night’s sleep.

Julie Roth is a wedding/ private event planner in Seattle. She often incorporates scented soy candles from The Soi Company into her displays.

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