Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Friday

I was looking for something to buy online when my attention was caught by some great products on sale from music stores selling various types of musical instruments.  Suddenly, I became very nostalgic as I remembered that one of my greatest dream is to be able to play a guitar.  This was my dream since childhood but unfortunately, I never got the chance to learn the craft.  Probably, music is not really in my veins (lol).

I always imagine myself playing a guitar in front of a crowd or even during parties, but now I already forget about that dream.  I guess, I'm, too old for that now. I'm happy though that my daughter fulfilled my dream when she began learning how to play guitar few years ago.  Now she can play the guitar well even without attending formal guitar lessons.  I guess, talents are inborn, although some can be developed.  My daughter learns so easily even without using a branded guitar.  I wonder if she uses a more sophisticated brand, would it make a big difference?  It doesn't need to be the one with amplitube, perhaps just something a little bit better than what she's currently using.  My daughter is really into arts.  She's good at it and been receiving recognition from school out of her talents.  

Way to go baby! I'm always here to support you!  Meanwhile, I will just continue browsing for what I really wanted to buy online.  Perhaps, I should start with my DIY projects after.  At least, that's still considered an art. :)

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